Mouslets’ Fools Day

The  two  mice

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(This humorous story is written by nine year old Disha)

Once upon a time, in the town of Mousseville lived two mousy friends, Betty Sweetfur and Tina Ticklefur. Every day, they would play on Mousy lane. One day they went to visit their friend Virus Veggiefur. Virus had a small vegetable shop. They had gone there to buy vegetables. Surprisingly, the shop was closed. But at that moment, Betty heard some noises from inside!

They pressed their ears against the door and listened carefully. They heard some noises again. It seemed that the vegetables were talking to each other!

“Cabbage, it is so hot here!”
“Oh! Yes, Carrot. I think we should leave this place and go away”
“Great idea! let’s start packing right now”
“I agree Radish, are you coming with us guys?”
“Ya Ya Beet root, we are all coming!”

After hearing this conversation, both the mouslets were very scared. “Is this a dream?” Tina asked pinching herself. “Of course, not. Did not you hear what the vegetables were saying? Let’s quickly tell Virus about it!” Betty said. “Yes, Yes, we will call him thru the MTN (Mousy Telephone Number)!” exclaimed Tina.

“There is no need for that!” a familiar voice said behind them. “Happy Mouslets’ Fools Day!” cried their friends Mouseanna, Cocoa, Thea, Cheesy Lou, Benjamin, Vince and of course Virus. “You got fooled!”. Betty and Tina stood with their mouths open. Finally they understood how they were fooled and burst into tears of laughter. When they caught their breath, Betty said, “That was an awesome trick. We really thought that the vegetables were talking.”

“I was beet root!” said Vince; “I acted like cabbage!” said Virus; “I was carrot!” exclaimed Thea; “and I was raddish” said Cocoa; “and rest of us were crew!” smirked Benjamin, and they all started laughing again.

So this was how the little mouselets of Mousseville fooled each other on Mouslets’ Fools Day


  1. Disha, nice story but it doesn’t seem the best idea to end with this is how the story happened.

    • Thanks for agreeing with me.
      I am sure you will improve with your next story!
      Keep writing stories and KEEP IT UP!


  2. Really good story. Needs a little bit more interesting at the end. Otherwise, FANTASTIC and good thinking.

  3. disha, nice storryy….
    specially the names of the mouse…
    this is best for the april fool day……

  4. Awesome!Very nice story!your story was good but it does need a good ending.I enjoyed it a lot!please keep writing many more cool stories and poems!
    Arusha :) ;) :D :) ;) :D :) ;) :D

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