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We’re always looking for great writers to write for us. If you absolutely love the idea of writing for kids and getting your work distributed to millions of families – we have been building just the right platform for you. Come join us!  Start writing for Kinooze.

It pays to write for us! Check out our standard content-writing agreement below [ We have just open-sourced it for everyone to see! ] and scroll down to what the payout looks like. Do contact us if you are interested and remember to send in a prior sample of your work.

Content Writing Service Agreement

WHEREAS Kinooze desires to seek English language content writing services to operate portions of its properties in several media formats including its websites, printed magazines electronic books, digital Apps, video channels, media broadcasts etc. (individually or collectively referred to as “Kinooze Services”).

WHEREAS Writer is willing and prepared to write articles in English language covering news, facts and stories for kids (the “Articles”) and is willing and prepared to submit such Articles (the act of writing and submitting an Article or Articles herein referred to as “Writer Services”) and

WHEREAS Kinooze and Writer recognize that in order to be able to write and submit articles for such services effectively it is necessary to reduce to writing, the terms and conditions and put up a proper understanding and working mechanism in place.

THEREFORE the parties agree as follows:

Responsibilities and Performance:
Kinooze shall make a final acceptance for satisfactory Writer Services in a timely and professional manner. Writer is responsible for the performance and quality of the Writer Services in a timely and professional manner, consistent with industry practice. The manner and means that Writer chooses to provide Writer Services are within Writer’s sole discretion and control. Writer shall have sole control over where, when and how the Writer Services are performed. In offering the Writer Services, Writer agrees to bring its own equipment, tools, and other materials at its own expense. Kinooze and Writer each covenant and agree to act with good faith and fair dealing in performance of this Agreement.

Independent Contractor Relationship:
Writer is: (a) not the agent of Kinooze; (b) not authorized to make any representation, contract, or commitment on behalf of Kinooze (c) not entitled to any of the benefits that Kinooze makes available to its employees and (d) solely responsible for all tax returns and payments required to be filed with or made to any central, state, or local tax authority with respect to Writer’s performance of Writer Services and receipt of Fees under this Agreement. Writer has the right to be employed by, contract with or otherwise perform services for other individuals or entities. In doing so, Writer shall not make use of, or disclose, directly or indirectly, any confidential or proprietary information of Kinooze or its clients or buyers. Writer shall have the right at all times to decline to provide services. Writer shall maintain at its expense all certifications, licenses, continuing education, equipment and materials used to provide the services, including, but not limited to a telephone, computer equipment, and high-speed internet access. Writer is solely and exclusively liable for complying with all applicable state, central and international laws.

Intellectual Property Rights:
Ownership of Intellectual Property: Writer agrees that each submission of Writer Services is a work made for hire. Upon Writer’s submission of Writer Services, any Intellectual Property Rights in the submission will be the sole and exclusive property of Kinooze, and Kinooze will be deemed to be the author thereof. If Writer has any rights to such Intellectual Property Rights that are not owned by Kinooze upon Writer’s submission, Writer hereby automatically irrevocably assigns to Kinooze all right, title and interest worldwide in and to such Intellectual Property Rights. Writer retains no rights to use such Intellectual Property Rights and agrees not to challenge the validity of Kinooze’s ownership in such Intellectual Property Rights.
License to or Waiver of Other Rights: If Writer has any right to such Intellectual Property Rights in the submission of Writer Services that cannot be assigned by Writer, Writer hereby automatically upon receipt of payment from Kinooze unconditionally and irrevocably grants to Kinooze during the term of such rights, an exclusive, irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide, fully paid and royalty-free license, with rights to sublicense through multiple levels of sublicensees, to reproduce, make derivative works of, distribute, publicly perform and publicly display in any form or medium, whether now known or later developed, make, use, sell, import, offer for sale and exercise any and all such rights.

Writer Representations and Warranties:
Writer hereby represents and warrants that (a) the Article submitted under the Writer Services will be an original work of Writer (b) neither the Article nor any element thereof will infringe or misappropriate the Intellectual Property Rights of any third party; (c) Writer will not grant, directly or indirectly, any rights or interest whatsoever in the Article to third parties; (d) Writer has full right and power to enter into and perform Writer Services under this Agreement without needing the consent of any third party; (e) Writer shall perform the services in a professional manner and all Articles shall use proper English spelling, proper grammar and punctuation and shall contain factually correct statements, In addition, Writer will verify all facts in each Article. Writer agrees that Writer will not hold himself, herself or itself out as being an employee of Kinooze to any third party. Writer agrees that he, she or it is an independent contractor with respect to all services provided pursuant to this Agreement.

Kinooze and Writer agree that the Agreement is non-transferable. The term of this Agreement shall be one year commencing on the Effective Date, and shall automatically continue in full force and effect from year to year successively thereafter, unless either party gives the other a notice of termination or modification hereof in writing at least two (2) months prior to the expiration of the original term or any such renewal term of this Agreement.

This Agreement may also be terminated by either party during the Agreement period by either party giving a 60 days notice.

Fees and Payment Terms:
Kinooze and Writer have agreed to the Fees payable by Kinooze to Writer and the payment terms as per Annexure 1 to this Agreement. Any tax payments that the Writer may have to pay on the received amount from Kinooze shall be borne by the Writer and shall not be the responsibility of Kinooze.

Limited Liability:
Neither party will be liable for any indirect, incidental, consequential, or special damages suffered by the other party, its customers or others arising out of or related to this Agreement even if not advised of the possibility of such damages.

Writer acknowledges that in the course of providing services it will receive information which is confidential and proprietary to Kinooze or to Kinooze Services. All such confidential information shall remain the property of Kinooze and Writer agrees, to not use such information except in performance of this Agreement and not to disclose such information to third parties during the valid period of the Agreement and additionally for a period of one (1) years upon termination of this Agreement.

Entire Agreement:
This Agreement constitutes the entire Agreement between the parties pertaining to the subject matter hereof, and supersedes in their entirety any written or oral agreements previously existing between the parties with respect to such subject matter. Each of the parties acknowledges that they are not entering into this Agreement on the basis of any representations not expressly contained herein. Any modifications of this Agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties hereto. Any such modification shall be binding upon Kinooze or Writer only if and when signed by one of its duly authorized officers.

All notice and demands hereunder will be in writing and will be served in person or by mail or e-mail or confirmed facsimile transmission at the address of the receiving party set forth in this Agreement (or such different address as may be designated by such party by written notice to the other party). All such notice and demands shall be deemed complete upon receipt.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have caused this agreement to be signed by their respective duly authorized representatives on the date above mentioned:

( Signed by Kinooze and by Writer )

Annexure 1 Fees and Payment Terms

For a 500 word non-fiction/fiction Article covering news or facts or story (or combination) written for kids: INR 250 / US $4.00 per Article

Word count tolerance permitted in an Article: ± 5% words of the target word-count

Payment Terms:

Fees for Writer Services for Articles received in the previous month: By 5th of every month

Tax deducted at Source / Withholding Taxes: Nil