Your Ear to Ear Smile is as Long as River Nile :)

River Nile, in Egypt, is the longest river on Earth. It runs for about 4150 miles.It gets its name from the Greek word Nelios which means valley. While Nile is always associated with Egypt, it runs through nine other countries in the continent of Africa.

map of river nile

Ancient Egyptians flourished on river Nile. The river produced exceptionally fertile soil. Egyptians farmed well  and cities were built on the banks of this river. Egypt has been a desert always receiving very little rainfall, so the Egyptians have heavily relied on the river water. Ancient Egyptians used papyrus reeds from the river to make paper.

Is Nile also the biggest river in the world? No, the biggest river is Amazon in South America. It carries 60 times more water than river Nile – that’s about one fifth of all the river water on Earth. Interesting, isn’t it?


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