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  • Our Body’s Army : Our Immune System

    Our Body’s Army : Our Immune System

    Every day we are exposed to a lot of germs but its not everyday we fall sick. Why? Our body has a smart way of fighting these germs with something very special called an Immune System. Our immune system can detect a difference between the body’s own ‘healthy‘ cells  and ‘foreign‘ cells. When one of […]

  • The Wonderful Whirlybird

    The Wonderful Whirlybird

    If you have ever observed a helicopter that is trying to land you will feel that it is dropping straight down and is about to crash. But it does not crash, it just slows down and gently comes to rest. Standing still in the air and going straight up and down is something that only […]

  • Milk in the Cup, Hot or Cold?

    Milk in the Cup, Hot or Cold?

    Can you tell just by looking at something whether it’s hot or cold? Maybe, sometimes, when the thing is steaming hot or freezing cold, but not all the times. However, you can always tell whether a thing is hot or warm or cool or very cold  by touching it with your hands (or body). Why is that? A healthy human […]

  • Sweaty Summers

    Sweaty Summers

    Now that the summers have arrived you can’t get away from sweating all the time, but why does that not happen in winters. I know, I know you’re going to say that we sweat whenever it’s hot. Well, That’s correct ! But my next question is ….. why do we sweat when it’s hot? Scratching […]

  • What is Soil?

    What is Soil?

    Maya took some soil from her garden and put it in a plastic bottle. She then added some water to it and shook the bottle hard until it was a muddy mixture. She left this mixture overnight and looked at it next morning. Guess what had happened to the mixture? The mixture seperated into layers: the darker bottom […]

  • Tickle Your Funny Bone

    Tickle Your Funny Bone

    Do you get a tingling sensation sometimes when you accidentally bang your elbow at a particular spot? It doesn’t hurt but surely feels odd. Or may be funny? Guess what? You just hit your ‘funny bone’ !! And you know what is even funnier? Funny bone is not even a bone !! Then what is […]