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  • How Bird Babies Learn to Fly?

    How Bird Babies Learn to Fly?

    Birds learn how to fly like how we learn to walk – a combination of instinct and practice. Most birds cannot fly until their muscle structure is strong enough, as flying is a very tough exercise. Baby birds remain in the nest all the time in the beginning but as they grow bigger, they realize […]

  • Tulips or TeaCups?

    Tulips or TeaCups?

    If you look at Tulips very closely they resembles many things. Colorful teacups dancing in the garden or inverted bells swinging in the wind.  This beautiful flower has its origins from  Turkey. An interesting fact is that these flowers were called tulbend, which means a head gear, because if you turn the flower upside down […]

  • A Story about Tails!

    A Story about Tails!

    Have you guys ever wondered why there is a tail on animals? Is it a useful body part or is it just there for no reason? What is the tale behind it? The truth is that it is one of the most useful tools an animal has. It is very interesting how a squirrel uses […]

  • Jewels at The Bottom of The Sea!

    Jewels at The Bottom of The Sea!

    Have you ever seen a pearl necklace? Can you believe that these shiny glowing pearls come from inside a weird little animal? This animal is called an Oyster. It lives in a shell, deep down at the bottom of the sea. How do these beautiful pearls form inside an oyster? A grain of sand gets […]

  • Lizard Lizard on The Wall!

    Lizard Lizard on The Wall!

    Ever had a close shave with a Lizard crawling on your room wall… Eeeeew! right? But have you ever wondered how are they able to do that? How do they maintain  a perfect grip  while climbing the walls? Let’s find it out. After all it’s a very special skill that they have. Lizards have millions […]

  • Why is The Ocean Salty?

    Why is The Ocean Salty?

    Isnt’t it fun to be at the beach on a hot day? Making Sand castles, getting wet by the waves, salty ocean water filling up your mouth while you’re taking a dip. But have you ever wondered why the ocean water is salty ? How did it become this way? What happens is,that,when a river flows […]

  • A Giraffe is Tall – And That’s Not All

    A Giraffe is Tall – And That’s Not All

    Trying to get a peek at giraffe could be a real  “pain in the neck”  because it is the tallest animal in the world. However, if you do get a look at the giraffe’s eyes, you will find them to be large, dark and calm. It is an extremely shy animal and gets scared very easily. […]

  • Beauty And Brains – Butterfly Wings

    Beauty And Brains – Butterfly Wings

    The magnificent patterns found on butterfly wings make these tiny insects a wonder to behold. All we can think about is their beauty. But these gorgeous patterns do more than dazzles the human eye. The colorful patterns serve a number of useful purposes: Camouflage – It is a trick by which the butterfly blends herself into the environment, hiding […]