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  • There it Goes! Space Shuttle Enterprise!!

    There it Goes! Space Shuttle Enterprise!!

    The Space shuttle carries astronauts  to the space and back.  Created by NASA, Space Shuttle Enterprise never went into space, but rather performed tests that were very important to the shuttle’s development and operation. Enterprise particularly helped to understand the glide tests (tests related to the landing of the aircraft) and showed that the spacecraft […]

  • French Elections 2012

    French Elections 2012

    With only two weeks left before the final voting starts on 6th May 2012 for the election of new french president, the current president Nicholas Sarkozy who is running for the second time for this post is behind in the race as more number of people seem to like Françcois Hollande. Are you scratching your head […]

  • A Sinking Historical Treasure

    A Sinking Historical Treasure

    Venice, a northeast city of Italy, is built on 117 small islands that are separated by 150 canals. A canal is a kind of “road of water” made by humans to get things from one place to another. People cross the canals by many small bridges. They can also be taken for rides along the canals […]

  • Indonesia Rocks Again

    Indonesia Rocks Again

    A massive earthquake with epicenter in Banda Aceh rocked Indonesia on April 11, 2012. This is not the first time that Indonesia is undergoing such a disaster. In  2004 (earthquake magnitude 9.1) and  in 2005 (earthquake magnitude 8.6), had hit Indonesia. So what are Earthquakes? Why do they happen? Why are certain places so earthquake prone? Our […]

  • Dispute Over South China Sea

    Dispute Over South China Sea

    The South China Sea  is small part of the Pacific ocean, the largest water body on earth. This sea is surrounded by six states : China,Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei. Within the South China Sea, there are two groups of numerous tiny uninhabited islands called Spratly and Paracel. All the six surrounding countries often […]

  • Easter Parade in New York

    Easter Parade in New York

    Easter is the celebration of Jesus Christ’s return from dead after his crucifixion which took place on what we now term Good Friday. Christ’s return (or rising) from death is called the Resurrection. According to the scriptures, Christ’s tomb was empty three days after His death, which is commemorated on Good Friday. His followers saw Him […]

  • 100th Anniversary of Titanic Sinking

    100th Anniversary of Titanic Sinking

    . On April 15, 1912, the ship R.M.S. Titanic hit an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean. The location of the Titanic was a mystery until National Geographic Explorer Bob Ballard found the wreckage of the iconic ship in 1985. The giant ship, said to be “unsinkable,” sank quickly–it disappeared beneath the waves less than three hours after hitting the […]