Coppersmith Barbet

Coppersmith barbet the bird

Wait! Is it a coppersmith named Mr. Barbet?  Well it could almost be that but here we are talking about a very beautiful bird. The red forehead, yellow eye-ring and throat patch with streaked underside and green upper part differentiates it from all the other birds.  It gets its name from the fact that its calling ( metallic tuk…tuk)  resembles the hammering of a coppersmith. Both males and females look alike.

Coppersmith barbet eating a berry

These birds are found in abundance in gardens, groves and forests. They mostly like to eat fruits, flowers and occasionally eat insects also. They are mostly found in South East Asia especially in India. In summers they love to sunbathe so they sit on top of tall trees during daytime. In winters they are silent and do not call. They fight among each to sit on the branches.The flight of this bird is straight with quick flaps.

Coppersmith Barbet feeding the young one

Being cousins of a woodpecker these birds prefer to have their nest carved out in the dead trees. They may also use the tree holes as nest. At one time  three to four eggs are laid. Young ones hatch out in 2 weeks. Both the parents protect the eggs. The eggs are glossless white. Young one  looks duller and don’t have red patches.

These birds are so common in India that you might find out in your garden next time you step out. Care for some bird watching?

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