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  • Robot Doctors: Amazing Machines Changing Healthcare!

    Robot Doctors: Amazing Machines Changing Healthcare!

    Robot doctors are amazing machines that are changing the way healthcare works! These robots help doctors and nurses with important medical tasks. Robot doctors love to learn! They use a technology called artificial intelligence (AI). They collect information and get smarter over time. This helps them make good decisions and provide even better care. Let’s…

  • Cool Canada

    Cool Canada

    Canada is an amazing country with lots of interesting things to learn about! Let’s find some fun facts that will really surprise you. Canada is famous for its yummy maple syrup. Did you know that 8 out of 10 maple syrups in the world come from Canada? It’s like a sweet treasure that Canadians love…

  • Jolly July Facts For Kids

    Jolly July Facts For Kids

    Hey it’s the 1st of July! We are looking at a month filled with sunshine, fun, and exciting events! Let’s explore some amazing facts about this delightful month. Ruby Red July:If you’re born in July, you’re in luck! The month’s birthstone is the stunning ruby. It’s known for its deep red hue that represents love…

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Science Facts For Kids

  • Lab-Grown Meat: Food Of The Future!

    Lab-Grown Meat: Food Of The Future!

    Imagine sitting in a restaurant, getting ready to enjoy a tasty meal. But guess what? The meal on your plate didn’t come from a farm like usual. It was made in a laboratory nearby! Is it even possible, you may think? There is a cool place called Huber’s Butchery and Bistro in Singapore. They have…

  • Amazing Brain Facts For Kids

    Amazing Brain Facts For Kids

    What is that one thing that makes humans different from other living organisms? Yes, it’s their brain! The human brain works faster than a computer. It can store information equal to 4.7 billion books! And an average individual’s brain switches between 70,000 thoughts each day! Unbelieveable isn’t it? Here are some more fascinating brain facts.…

  • Virtual Fossils

    Virtual Fossils

    You must have heard or read about fossils. Fossils are the remains of dead animals and plants that have remained preserved for millions of years. You may have even seen a fossil or two in museums. Do you know about that Woolly Mammoth that was found buried under layers of ice? The fossil was found…

Nature News For Kids

  • Spiny Ants: Tricksters That Play Dead
    Spiny Ants: Tricksters That Play Dead

    Let’s start with a brain teaser today! What did the Pink Panther say when he stepped on an ant?Dead Ant, Dead Ant…Dead Ant, Dead Ant, Dead Ant… Something similar happened on Kangaroo Island, Australia, recently. As a part of a special project, “Kangaroo Island Nest Box Project,” which aims to restore wildlife after the bushfires.…

  • Canada’s Wildfire Paints New York City Skyline Orange
    Canada’s Wildfire Paints New York City Skyline Orange

    Do you know those cool photos of New York City’s skyline? Well, recently, there was something unusual. The pictures showed the sky covered in an orange haze. Do you know what caused it? It’s because of the wildfires happening in Canada. The smoke from those fires traveled to New York, and painted the skyline orange.…

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Little Writers

  • At the Beach

    At the Beach

    (Naisha, 10, writes a poem about the fun she had on her beach holiday) I went on a vacation on a beach one day I stayed there all night and day There were games and restaurants all around My head was spinning round and round I started by getting wet And throwing sand around I…

  • Ugh, Another Rodent

    Ugh, Another Rodent

    ( Fun facts about hamsters – by Esha our little researcher @6th grade ) Everyone thinks that hamsters are mice and are yucky and unhygienic. Just like rodents are. That’s not true. Yes, they are rodents, but they make good house pets. Let us get to know more about them. They belong to a subfamily called…

  • The Talking Pencils

    The Talking Pencils

    ( Krish, 8, spins a story about a boy and his friends who had found a box of talking pencils ) Once upon a time there was a boy called Aryan. He was obsessed with pencils. During his summer vacation Aryan bought a brand new box of pencils from his nearby store, it was called the…

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  • Discovering Sunken Treasures: World of ShipWrecks!
    Discovering Sunken Treasures: World of ShipWrecks!

    Ahoy mates! Let’s set sail on an exciting journey to explore the secrets hidden beneath the waves. Today, we’re diving into the fascinating world of shipwrecks! Did you know that beneath the ocean’s surface, there are countless sunken ships? Sunken Ships Around the World:Can you believe there are over three million shipwrecks scattered across the…

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  • Dust Devils: Nature’s Whirling Wonders!

    Dust Devils: Nature’s Whirling Wonders!

    Once upon a time, in a vast and dry desert, a group of young explorers embarked on a thrilling adventure. They had heard tales of a strange natural phenomenon called dust devils. Also known as miniature tornadoes, and were eager to uncover their enchanting secrets. Let’s read the facts that they discovered. What Are Dust…

History Facts For Kids

  • Kings and Queens: Exploring the Past and Present

    Kings and Queens: Exploring the Past and Present

    Welcome to the world of kings and queens! Today, we’ll learn about the royal rulers of the past and compare them to the kings and queens of today. Get ready to pretend you have a crown as we explore their world! Long ago, kings and queens were the leaders of their kingdoms. They lived in…

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