Watery World of Awesome Axolotls

Let’s get ready to learn all about axolotls! These creatures are like nothing you’ve seen before. Let’s dive into their watery world and discover some amazing facts –

Meet the Axolotls: Imagine a creature that looks like a mix of a fish and a lizard. That’s how an axolotl is! Axolotls are small amphibians that spend their entire lives in water. They have long bodies, cute little legs, and fluffy gills on the sides of their heads. These gills help them breathe underwater, like how we use our lungs above the ground.

Superhero Regeneration: Did you know that axolotls have a superpower? They can grow back parts of their body if they lose them ever. Like a leg, a tail, or even a part of their heart! Yes, they can do that—it’s like having a magical healing power. So, if an axolotl gets hurt, we know they’ll bounce back soon and be good as new!

Chameleons of the Water: Axolotls are masters of disguise. Like a chameleon can change its skin color, axolotls can change theirs too. From pink to gray to brown! They do that to camouflage themselves – to hide and blend with their surroundings or to show their mood. They have pigments on their skin called chromatophores for this.

Image by ArmandoAre1 (L) and Ariapsa MX (R) from Pixabay

Underwater Smiles: Take a closer look at an axolotl’s face, and you will notice a happy face. Their mouth curves upward, giving them a smile. It’s as if they know how wonderful life is in their aquatic world.

Feeding Frenzy: Axolotls have quite an interesting taste in food. Their favorite snack is – drumroll, please – wiggly worms! Yes, they love wiggly worms like their gourmet treats. They have tongues with tiny bumps that they use to pierce through their prey.

Lake Xochimilco, Image by Dezalb from Pixabay

Ambassadors of Conservation: Axolotls are also important ambassadors for their habitat. They live in a unique place called Lake Xochimilco in Mexico. Sadly, pollution and habitat destruction have put their home at risk. Scientists and conservationists are now working hard to protect the lake. Axolotls do remind us of the importance of taking care of our environment.


Ten more fun facts about Axolotls

  • Axolotls have a special sense organ called the “Lateral Line”. These allow them to sense movement and vibrations in the water.
  • They can live up to 15 years.
  • While axolotls rely on their gills to breathe, they can also absorb oxygen through their skin.
  • Axolotls can detect electric fields. That helps them locate prey in dark or murky waters.
  • Their immunity is quite good. Makes them resistant to many diseases and infections.
  • Their skeleton is cartilaginous. That makes them flexible and allows them to squeeze through tight spaces.
  • They can smell food from a distance.
  • They can burrow and dig tunnels in the substrate of their habitat.
  • They have slow metabolism. So they can live on a low-calorie diet.
  • They have now become quite popular as pets around the world. If you pet them do that with care!

So, from fluffy gills to their incredible superpowers, axolotls are truly extraordinary creatures. Next time we have to think about all the amazing life forms on earth, let us remember the smiling axolotls. And keep exploring other fascinating creatures at Kinooze!

Image Credit: Featured Image by LaDameBucolique, from Pixabay

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One response to “Watery World of Awesome Axolotls”

  1. Kinooze Learning Avatar
    Kinooze Learning

    Also posting the content of our flashcards here. Enjoy!

    1. What allows axolotls to sense movement and vibrations in water?
    Lateral line

    2. Which unique habitat are axolotls found in?
    Lake Xochimilco

    3. What is the name of pigments on axolotls’ skin that allow them to change color?

    4. What is axolotls’ favorite food?
    Wiggly worms

    5. What is an axolotl – Fish, Reptile, Amphibian or Mammal?

    6. What is the native country of axolotls?

    7. What are axolotls – herbivores, carnivores or omnivores?

    8. Axolotl is also called Mexican _________ fish
    Mexican walking fish

    9. What is axolotl’s scientific name?
    Ambystoma mexicanum

    10. Axolotls have the longest known DNA strand found on earth. How many times is it larger than human DNA?
    10 times!

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