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Why Our Ears Are So Soft?

Ears are soft because they are not made up of bones that are stiff and hard. They are made up of something called cartilage (kahrt-lij). Cartilage is made up of firm yet flexible tissue (tish-oo). Most part of our nose is also made up of cartilage.

Cartilage is tough but not as tough as a bone. It is flexible but not as flexible as a muscle.

Ears in particular are made up of elastic cartilage. Elastic cartilage is made up of some specific substances that give it enormous flexibility. That is why you can pull, bend or twist your ear so easily. Elastic cartilage is also called yellow cartilage because of its mild yellow color. If you see your ear carefully in the light, it will seem yellowish.

Cartilage is also found in places other than ears and nose. It is present in the joints between bones, the rib cage, the elbow, the knee, the ankle, and in our back bone.

Babies when still in their mothers tummies, are mostly made of cartilage. It gradually hardens to become bone. This process of cartilage turning into bone is called ossification.

Crazy Fact:

You would be shocked to know that skeleton of one of the most  deadliest fish ‘shark‘ is not made up even one bone! It is all rubbery cartilage!!



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2 responses to “Why Our Ears Are So Soft?”

  1. Arusha Avatar

    Really cool,but is the eardrum so sensitive that if you dig your ear then you could just poke it by an accident so it bursts and you become deaf.

  2. Nikhil Avatar

    I’ve got one more info about ears: they help in taste, as they have function of transmitting taste signals to the brain.. Thanks for sharing this informative post about ears… :-)

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