Questions about kids

Why do Kids…?


So what if I am a grown up, even I have a lot of whyzzz.  I am sure these are some universally true questions.


  • do kids have to go potty when mom sits down to eat her meal?
  • do kids always need attention when we are on the phone?
  • do they eat things at other people’s house which they hate at home?
  • when in public they ask embarrassing questions in the loudest ever tone?
  • do they bargain more when guests are over?
  • do they want to ride when you forgot the stroller?
  • do they want to walk when you got the stroller?
  • do they remember to ask you an ‘urgent’ question just when you are in middle of a beautiful nap?
  • are they excrutiatingly blunt about other people’s flaws?
  • do they spill something on the clothes and make them unwearable only when you are not carrying a spare set of clothes?
  • do they fall sick just around their birthdays?
  • is it that if the child is making  no sound then he will be making the most mischief?
  • do they surely wake up early on a weekend morning?


WHY?     WHY?       WHY?

If anyone of you parents out there have found the answers please help us all out and put us out of our misery :))


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