Why should Kids have Probiotics?

Why should Kids have Probiotics?

First of all, what are probiotics? Probiotics are the good microorganisms found in our intestines that fight the bad ones to protect our body from illnesses. This in turn helps our body to build up a strong immune system. So now, without doubt, probiotics are good for anyone and especially for kids as they are more vulnerable to bad bacterias.

Kids these days have wide variety of junk food tempting them and mostly they give in to the temptation. This junk food makes a conducive environment for bad bacteria inside their bodies. Probiotics intake at such time pumps in good bacteria and counters the effect of  bad ones. Probiotics can also be taken along with antibiotics which when taken kill all bacteria in your stomach – good or bad. Ask your doctor next time you visit him. Thus Probiotics taken regularly can help relieve a lot of stomach related ailments.

Probiotic foods are good for health


Best Probiotics food are curd and yoghurt. Certain cheeses, rice and barley products are high on good bacteria. Fresh pickled vegetables are also probiotic but one can not say the same for the preserved ones as many food preservation methods kill helpful bacteria.

Make it a habit for your kids and your family to daily eat probiotic food along with your meals. Curd is the easiest one to start with!!

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