Our Kids – Our Reflection

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Our kids are our reflection not only in how they look where our genes have to play a role but hugely also in the way they conduct themselves. They are our reflection in every sense of the word.

Kids are the most observant beings around. They notice the way we talk and walk. A tiniest twitch of a facial muscle, slight crossing of the brow, an almost inaudible sigh of  annoyance, “nothing” goes unnoticed by them. They observe the way we react in situations and then react the same way some other time. Remember the times when your child amazed you by repeating the same words that you once said to him.

Parents teach our kids how to navigate the ship of life. Our demeanor – positive or negative will have that influence on them respectively. While we feel proud to see our children learning  good behavior from us, it is sometimes hard to accept that behavior we don’t like in our child is a direct influence from us. There is a possibility that they might be picking something from their friends or others, but we still need to investigate our behavior.

But it’s never too late to change for good so that our child can change for good too. After all, it’s  not only children that grow and evolve, we as parents also learn and evolve.

Be the change that you want to see in them.

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