Is Organic Food better for Kids?

Is Organic Food better for Kids?

What is organic food? Organic food is the food which is produced and processed without using any harmful chemical substances such as pesticides, preservatives etc. Not only such foods contain fewer chemical residues, they also retain phenolic compounds- chemicals that act as a plant’s natural defense and happen to be good for our health.

You will be surprised to know that even the soil in which organic food is grown is supposed to be completely free of any harmful chemical trace. It takes a minimum period of three years to turn any soil that has been exposed to chemical herbicides and pesticides, into an organic one.

So, there is no doubt that organic food is safer to consume. More so for kids as even the smallest traces of the poisnous chemical residues can harm them. Food produced in an organic way is also beneficial to our environment as it reduces pollution. The flip side of organic food is is that it doesn’t look very pretty as it is not sprayed with any chemical to increase shelf life and it costs a little more as the farming practices used are much expensive and the crop yield is less but if you can afford it, organic should be the way to go!!

So next time you see a perfect cauliflower in the shop next to a not so perfect organic one, make a smart choice!

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