Printed Food?

Image Credit: Flickr User justinpickard, via CC

You all must have used printers a lot many times. You used them for printing pictures, recipes, air tickets or worksheets. But have you ever printed food out of a printer? Well you might be doing so in a few years. There is a company named Systems and Materials Research Corp in Austin that is working on a 3D food printer for NASA to be used in space. You must be thinking the printer must print food coupons, but no sir, this printer prints out food.

The technology for 3D printer uses powdered proteins, starches, fats and flavors with water or oil to produce different digital recipes. Anybody using them can fix a quick meal according to their requirements. There will be no wastage of food. It will be first used for astronauts in space and then maybe sold commercially to public.

The 3D printers are in very initial stages of study, they might or might not work but if the technology does work they might solve a lot of world’s problems.


Wouldn’t you love to have a food printer like that? All you have to do is hit the command Ctrl+P :) and your favourite food is ready.

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