Food for Cars

Can Humans live without having food? Nah! We need energy in the form of food that we eat. Similarly the machines that we use also need some energy. Cars get their strength and energy from Petrol or Gasoline.

Petrol is made from crude oil. Crude oil is formed from living creatures which got trapped inside earth’s surface millions of years ago. But how does this happen?

Now have you ever seen how hard lentils when cooked in pressure cooker turn into soft liquid. We know that Earth’s center is very hot,  so the same happens with these dead organisms. The heat and pressure slowly turns them into liquid called crude oil and gas. The crude oil is then taken to human run factories(called Refineries) and converted into petrol.

Since nature produces crude oil, petrol is a natural resource and is limited. It is found under the ground only in some places.  Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, UAE have a lot of petrol under their land.

Unfortunately India doesn’t have any big petrol reserve and therefore we have to buy it from other countries. This costs our government a lot of money. In turn, we have to pay a lot of money for petrol when we buy it. Every time our government buys petrol for higher  price than earlier, we also have to pay a higher price for petrol.

Latest petrol price hike has upset a large number of people all across India. There are plans to show displeasure to the government through ‘Bharat Bandh’ today on 31st may. Today most of the people will stay home and not go for work.

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