Armadillo - T, the folding electric car

Folding Cars

Image Credit: via CC

As the world’s population is increasing, there is one thing that is obviously shrinking. Space on Earth! We have space savers everywhere. Cabinets, drawers and shelves that can organize our house efficiently. Now there is a space saver car that folds on its own and saves you a lot of space in your garage or a parking lot.

How many times have you found yourself in a tight spot for parking? What if a car could shrink and you could park two or three in the place of one.

Researchers at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology  have just achieved that. They have built a foldable, compact electric car that can be used either as a personal car or part of the public  transportation. It is called armadillo -T as it curls up in to a ball like an armadillo.

This micro car shrinks from its original length of 2.8 meters (110 inches) down to almost half, or 1.65 meters (65 inches). It can also be controlled remotely with a smartphone. It can run at a maximum speed of 60km/hr.

Catch the car zooming in action:



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