Why do we burp?

Why do We Burp?

Before you even get a chance to cover your mouth it is out and you feel embarrassed by it at the lunch table. Everybody in the room heard it. Getting back to doing what you were doing, you wonder a little. Where did that even come from?

A burp is nothing but gas. When you eat or drink, you don’t just swallow food or liquid. You also swallow air at the same time.

Now when you swallow these gases, they also need to get out. That’s where burping comes in! Extra gas is forced out of the stomach, and out of the mouth as a burp.

You will find that when you a lot of carbonated drinks like Coke, Pepsi and others, you burp a lot more. Why is that? Because these drinks have extra gas. The fizz of these drinks come from carbon dioxide.

Burping is very common thing to do and we all do it. Little babies do it more than anyone else. So next time you do burp or belch just be polite and say “Excuse me”. That will do just fine.



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