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  • Marvelous Moai: Stone Guardians!

    Marvelous Moai: Stone Guardians!

    Welcome to Easter Island, a special place in the Pacific Ocean! Here, you’ll discover the amazing stone statues called Easter Island Heads or Moai. Let’s learn all about them! The Easter Island Heads – Silent Protectors Imagine seeing huge stone heads that rise from the ground like ancient guardians. The people of Rapa Nui, who […]

  • Kings and Queens: Exploring the Past and Present

    Kings and Queens: Exploring the Past and Present

    Welcome to the world of kings and queens! Today, we’ll learn about the royal rulers of the past and compare them to the kings and queens of today. Get ready to pretend you have a crown as we explore their world! Long ago, kings and queens were the leaders of their kingdoms. They lived in […]

  • Discovering Sunken Treasures: World of ShipWrecks!

    Discovering Sunken Treasures: World of ShipWrecks!

    Ahoy mates! Let’s set sail on an exciting journey to explore the secrets hidden beneath the waves. Today, we’re diving into the fascinating world of shipwrecks! Did you know that beneath the ocean’s surface, there are countless sunken ships? Sunken Ships Around the World:Can you believe there are over three million shipwrecks scattered across the […]

  • The Mystery named Mona Lisa

    The Mystery named Mona Lisa

    Art or a mystery? As a child, one always has a connection to art and colours. Whether it’s a sketch on the page of a drawing book or the wall of the house, its special. Art is for everyone. It shows us how different people look at same things differently. Some people practice a lot of art […]

  • Finding The Lost Ship Wrecks

    Finding The Lost Ship Wrecks

    When a ship meets with an accident and sinks to the ocean floor, it is said to be wrecked.  How do these wrecks happen? Wrecks usually happen in storms or by running aground from poor navigation, or due to enemy attacks during the war. There are an estimated 3 million shipwrecks sitting on the ocean […]

  • The History of ToothBrush

    The History of ToothBrush

    All of you know that it is so important to keep your pearly whites clean. What helps you the most in doing so? Isn’t it your toothbrush? But, have you ever thought how people cleaned their teeth in earlier times? Or did they bother to clean their teeth at all? Let us find out when […]

  • A Slice of History in Time Capsule

    A Slice of History in Time Capsule

    A time capsule containing some snippets of 220-year old history was recently opened in Boston, Massachusetts. Did it travel to the future in the time machine? Nah! Nothing like this has happened. The actual story goes like this – MFA ( Massachusetts Fine Arts) conservator Pamela Hatchfield along with Robert P. and Carol T. Henderson […]

  • The Red Rose City – Petra

    The Red Rose City – Petra

    Habib was an eleven-year old boy. His father Abdul was an incense trader. Incense of Arabia was famous all over the world in olden times. Once in three months, Abdul traveled to the neighboring city of Petra for trade. This time, he thought his son Habib was old enough to travel with him. He wanted […]

  • The Tribal Princess – Pocahontas

    The Tribal Princess – Pocahontas

    Who was Pocahontas? Pocahontas, a young tribal girl from Virginia, is an important person in history because she was the first Native American to travel to England. This is a big event in history. Let us read her story today. Pocahontas was born to the tribal chief Powhatan, who was the leader of various tribes […]

  • Book of Maps – Atlas

    Book of Maps – Atlas

    We all are familiar with the book of maps or Atlas as we know it. Why a book of maps is called an Atlas? Sailors used to carry handmade maps all the time. This bundle of maps was decorated with a picture of Greek Titan Atlas, who is believed to have carried the Earth on […]

  • The Stone Age Man

    The Stone Age Man

    The Stone Age lasted for thousands of years. When archaeologists refer to the Stone Age, they usually suffix words with ‘lithic’ which means ‘relating to stone’. Since Stone Age spans over so many years, the Stone Age is divided by archaeologists into three stages: •Palaeolithic period(Paleo means ancient)•Mesolithic period( Meso means middle)•Neolithic period (Neo means […]

  • Who were the Vikings?

    Who were the Vikings?

    Ever heard of the horn cap clad, red-bearded, scary looking sea raider – Hagar the horrible? Hagar, the main character of a very famous American comic strip is a Viking. Vikings were people who lived in Scandinavia (Norway, Denmark and Sweden together makes Scandinavia) between 8th and the 11th century. Vikings were great warriors and […]

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