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Image Credit: Flickr User Andy Melton, via CC

Instruments are measuring devices that gauge and tell the size, extent, degree, scope or magnitude of somethings. Instruments can be big or very small. We come across instruments in our daily lives but do not think of them as instruments. Let us see how many of them you know about.

Ever been sick? A tiny long stick that measures the temperature you are running – Thermometer!

At doctor’s office, what does the doctor use to examine your heart and lungs by hearing the sounds – Stethoscope.

What enables space enthusiasts to study stars from a long distance – Telescope.

What is present in the science class that magnifies small bodies like cells and bacteria so that they can be observed easily? – Microscope.

Distances can be small or very large. An instrument, which measures large distances in miles, is an Odometer while for measuring smaller distances in inches or feet we usually use a tape measure.

How much do you weigh? You do not want to tell us ;) That’s all right. But how do you measure weight – A weighing scale.

Do you like to hear music? Do you know what increases the sound through loudspeakers? – Amplifiers.

Which is your favourite musical instrument – Guitar, Piano or a Violin?

Something that tells us whether the milk, we drink, is pure or not – Lactometer.

There are many instruments that measure nature. Can nature be measured? Well, yes. We can measure the forces of nature.

Image Credit: Flickr User jacinta lluch valero, via CC
Image Credit: Flickr User jacinta lluch valero, via CC

An instrument that measures the intensity of earthquakes – Seismograph.

An instrument to measure atmospheric pressure – Barometer.

An instrument that measures rainfall – Rain gauge.

An instrument to show the direction of the wind – Weather Vane.

An instrument that measures wind speed – Anemometer.

Can you find out which instrument helps us in navigation and finding directions

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