unbelievable facts

Unbelievable Facts

Here is a quick bite of very funny facts.

  • What killed dinosaurs? Asteroids or Volcano.
  • Can you sneeze with eyes open ? Never.
  • Who has the largest eyes in the world? A Giant squid.
  • Which body part never grows as we grow? Eyes.
  • Which bird has bigger eyes than its brain? Ostrich.. Now we know where the phrase “bird brained” came from..
  • How long does it take for someone to fall asleep? Seven minutes.
  • Which fish cannot remember anything beyond the last 3 seconds? A Goldfish.
  • Which country has the same name as its capital city? Luxembourg.
  • Are ants heavier than humans? Yes.
  • What do the Hippos use as a sunblock? Their sweat.
  • Who is world’s lightest mammal? The bumblebee bat– weighs less than a nickel.
  • How much time does an oyster take to make one pearl? Five years..
  • Which animal has eight senses? Sharks, humans have five who is the smarter one then :)
  • How much water does cabbage have ? It is 9/10 water.. Healthy.
  • How many pencils can you make out of an average sized tree? 170,000.
  • Which is our tallest friend? Hyperion Tree.

Wow! Interesting.

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15 responses to “Unbelievable Facts”

  1. Rhea Avatar

    could you write about the boebob tree it has alonger life then a banyan tree.

  2. Arusha Avatar

    Awesome but could you write that earthworms have five hearts and octopuses have three.

  3. maya garg Avatar

    i loved it !!!!!. can u write more interesting facts? : ) maya

  4. Mantrana Avatar

    Quite Interesting!

  5. kaavya Avatar

    great facts! please write some more

  6. christine Avatar

    hi this is awsome

  7. vaibhav Avatar

    very nice & awsome

  8. disha Avatar

    whether u sit or take rest , these facts are the best!!! : ) …. keep writing more

  9. Zeal2000 Avatar

    Wow! Cool facts!
    Please even write jokes and riddles.


  10. Prarthana Avatar

    awesome facts!please write more

  11. Arusha Avatar

    But what exactly killed dinosaurs?asteroids or volcanos.and could you put tests on Kinooze too.

  12. kinooze Avatar

    We still do not know for sure. May be you could find out one day when you grow up :) Do you want to have quiz sessions at kinooze?

  13. Arusha Avatar

    I’d love to have a quiz on Kinooze anyway.please put a few on Kinooze

  14. esha Avatar

    I loved your article so much kinooze!

  15. Abhinav Avatar

    The idea that goldfish only have a 3 second memory is actually a myth. Here are some facts on goldfish memory:

    Goldfish can remember things for months and even years. Researchers have trained goldfish to navigate mazes and respond to light cues, proving they can retain knowledge over long periods.
    A study showed goldfish could remember how to push a lever to get food 12 days later. Another study found goldfish could recall colorful shapes nearly a year later.
    Their memory does last longer for things that are biologically relevant like feeding times versus arbitrary events. But it’s untrue that their memory spans only a few seconds.
    Goldfish have strong associative learning abilities. If provided consistent stimuli, they learn to associate certain sounds, colors, and actions with food rewards.
    Their brains undergo neurogenesis (new brain cell growth) throughout their lives, which may aid long-term memory.
    The myth may have come from goldfish swimming in circles for minutes or seconds at a time, wrongly giving the impression they instantly forget.
    So while goldfish don’t have as strong memories as humans, dogs or dolphins, studies prove they can in fact retain information for months or longer. The 3 second memory belief is just an incorrect myth not based on scientific evidence. Goldfish memory exceeds these short time spans.

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