Let Us Have Some Fun

Have you been wondering what to do during those long summer afternoons when it’s too hot to play outside. 

Why don’t you have a toe tickling challenge amongst your friends?
Ready then? Here is how it goes.

Call your friends. Start from the youngest. Blindfold him/her. Then Run and get hold of any object like a sponge, some fruit peel, eraser, small towel, toothpaste. Just anything that you can see.
Brush the object against his/ her toe. Since the blindfolded players can’t see, they have to use their other senses to guess what’s tickling their toes. Give only  one chance to guess. One point for one correct guess. Move on to the next friend and repeat the same. 

Whoever has the most points in the end would be the winner!!

Sounds a lot of fun, Want to try it?


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One response to “Let Us Have Some Fun”

  1. gayatri Avatar

    Sure.I would really want to try it out.

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