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  • Notable November Facts For Kids

    Notable November Facts For Kids

    November is a cool and colorful month with lots of interesting things happening. Whether you’re a kid or an adult, November has a ton of fun facts that will surprise and delight you. Let’s explore this awesome month! Changing Leaves: Many trees shed their leaves in November, creating a beautiful carpet of red, yellow, and […]

  • Jolly July Facts For Kids

    Jolly July Facts For Kids

    Hey it’s the 1st of July! We are looking at a month filled with sunshine, fun, and exciting events! Let’s explore some amazing facts about this delightful month. Ruby Red July:If you’re born in July, you’re in luck! The month’s birthstone is the stunning ruby. It’s known for its deep red hue that represents love […]

  • Music Magic: How Tunes Make Kids Shine!

    Music Magic: How Tunes Make Kids Shine!

    Did you know that music can do wonders for kids? It is fun to listen and sing along with and also has magical powers. It makes our brains stronger and helps us feel happier. Scientists have studied how music affects our brains. They’ve discovered some cool things! In this article, we’ll look at the magical […]

  • All About The Ocean

    All About The Ocean

    We have explored almost all the land area on Earth, but we yet have to explore the entire oceans that cover almost three-quarters of our Earth. Let us learn some interesting facts about ocean and terms used for the phenomenons related to the oceans. The five oceans that take up three-quarters of the space on […]

  • What is Chinese New Year?

    What is Chinese New Year?

    The entire world celebrates the new year on January 1 except the Chinese. Why? Do they not believe in the new year and the new beginnings? No way. Everyone loves new year! It is just that the Chinese celebrate their new year at a different time. They bring in their new year somewhere between January 19 […]

  • Instruments To Measure

    Instruments To Measure

    Instruments are measuring devices that gauge and tell the size, extent, degree, scope or magnitude of somethings. Instruments can be big or very small. We come across instruments in our daily lives but do not think of them as instruments. Let us see how many of them you know about. Ever been sick? A tiny […]

  • All About Christmas Carols

    All About Christmas Carols

    The melody of Christmas carols all around in the month of December makes Christmas merrier. Don’t you feel that when you sing carols, you get that extra boost of happiness. All those la la la’s fill you up with cheer, just what you need during festive times. Christmas without carols would be candy without sugar or pizza […]

  • Dental Truths or Myths?

    Dental Truths or Myths?

    Does the coke dissolve your teeth overnight? Do you need to brush after every meal? There are a lot of myths about teeth and brushing practices. Let us find out if they are truths or myths. Myth: It is okay to use the same toothbrush after a viral infection or a sore throat.Truth: Germs are very […]

  • 366 days in an year?

    366 days in an year?

    Macy and Stacy are twins born in the February of 2000. Now, Macy is 4 years old while Stacy is 14! How so? One is a Leap day baby, and the other is not. Did you know that babies born on leap day are called leaplings? Each year has 365 days. But every four years the year has […]

  • Bread and Butter Trees

    Bread and Butter Trees

    You must be laughing out loud thinking that there is an error. How can bread and butter grow on trees? Freshly baked bread comes out from a bakery, while the butter is churned out in factories. So what is it that we are referring to? Are there really any trees which have bread and butter […]

  • Schools of the Past

    Schools of the Past

    Have you ever wondered how the schools in the ancients times appeared or what their method of teaching was. By schools of the past we mean the schools of Romans, Greeks or middle ages. Surprised? Hmm. Even those kids had to go to school. Do you want to know what those kids studied? They did […]

  • All About Sochi Olympics

    All About Sochi Olympics

    A little bit about Sochi Sochi is a city in Krasnodar Kai in Russia. The city is located on the Black sea coast near the border between Russia and Georgia. It is one of very few Russian places that have warm summers and mild winters compared to most of Russia. In winters, the temperature drops […]

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