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  • Winter Olympics

    Winter Olympics

    Olympics is the ultimate sporting event where countries from all seven continents come together to compete in various sporting events. When people say Olympics, they usually refer to the ‘Summer Olympics’ because it includes sports that are more popular. But Olympics comprises of Summer and Winter Olympics. Winter Olympics includes sports that are played in winters and  usually […]

  • Safety On Roads

    Safety On Roads

    Roads are great, There rolls your skate. The cars go vroom vroom , The bikes go zoom zoom! But have you ever thought, Safety on roads  is important a lot. You should run run run, But not behind a moving bus for fun! Only cross the road on zebra crossing, And not when the amber […]

  • The Tooth Fairy’s Gift

    The Tooth Fairy’s Gift

    Wayne was six and a half years old, and he was getting very impatient. Why? All his classmates had lost at least one tooth and had received gifts from the tooth fairy. He was the only kid that had all his milk teeth. Then one afternoon while playing football, Wayne got hit by the football. […]

  • Famous Festivals

    Famous Festivals

    Aren’t festivals a lot of fun? All around the world there are religious festivals, harvest festivals, street festivals and fun festivals. The list goes on. Why did people even start celebrating festivals in the first place? Well, I think people just needed a reason to celebrate and festivals are a great way to do that. […]

  • Onomatopoeia


    Shhhhhhhhh… Shut your eyes. Open your ears. Listen keenly. You will hear sounds all around you. If you are in the house, you are most likely to hear tic tac of the clock, bow wow of your dog, clang clang of the vessels, pitter patter of a leaking tap. Outside in the garden you will probably […]

  • Tomorrow That Never Came

    Tomorrow That Never Came

    The week was ending on a lucky note. Anna’s class teacher Miss Mary informed the class about a story writing competition. The competition was about writing any fictional story with a nice message. The story had to be submitted on next Friday, else it would not be accepted. The winning entry would be printed as […]

  • Imaginary News

    Imaginary News

    Stella was late to school. “Why?” Her teacher asked. Stella explained that she prepared breakfast, got her little brother ready and helped mom. This is what made her late for school. The teacher was not very convinced and asked her again why she was late for school. She just smiled sheepishly and said, “I woke […]

  • Suffixes


    There is something very interesting about English language. Many a times you can change the meaning of a word by adding a group of letters after it. Yes, that is true! Just add a letter or more and change the meaning! This group of one or more letters and is known as a suffix. The […]

  • Emma’s Group Project

    Emma’s Group Project

    Emma got back from school, hugged her mother and started dancing. Mom was glad to see her excited, and wondered what had happened that made Emma happy. “Tell me what is so exciting?” Mom asked. “We are starting group activities from tomorrow, and we will do art and craft and so many fun things. The […]

  • Emma’s Pet

    Emma’s Pet

    Emma loved to play soccer. That is what she did in most of her free time. There is something else Emma had been longing for – a pet. Any time she saw someone else’s pet, she wanted to have one. Finally, she persuaded her parents to get a pet on her eleventh birthday. Her father […]

  • A Friend Like Myra

    A Friend Like Myra

    After a fun filled fourth grade, it was time to start the fifth grade. Sadly Toni and Jake had to move out of the school as they moved out of town.  It was just Myra and Sweeny now. Although they missed Toni and Jake, at least they had each other. They still remembered the times […]

  • What Do We Call a Group?

    What Do We Call a Group?

    Why don’t we just call a group of things, well, a Group? Or a collection of things? A bunch of things may be? In English language quite interestingly, whenever people, animals or things are put together in a group, the group is given a special name. Have you heard of the word collective? It means […]