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A Friend Like Myra

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After a fun filled fourth grade, it was time to start the fifth grade. Sadly Toni and Jake had to move out of the school as they moved out of town.  It was just Myra and Sweeny now. Although they missed Toni and Jake, at least they had each other. They still remembered the times how they became friends.

One day Myra and Sweeny were eating lunch, and Jeanie waltzed in giggling with her ever changing set of friends. She spilled juice all over Sweeny and did not even apologize. Sweeny was upset.

The next day Jeanie crossed them in the school corridor, and they heard her whispering to her friends that Sweeny was a fatty acid.

Sweeny was almost in tears when she overheard, and Myra watched her helplessly. She did not say anything because she was afraid that Jeanie would bully her too. She and Jeanie were once friends, and that is how she was.

“Are you okay?” Myra asked Sweeny.

Sweeny simply shrugged and walked away.

Myra kept thinking about Sweeny at home. Since she could not do her homework, she picked up a book to read. The book was about Joan of Arc, a sixteen year old peasant girl that led the French in a fight against the British. She won the famous battle of Orleans and threw the British out of France. Sadly, she was later captured and was killed. Imagine the courage a young girl like her showed.

Myra set the book aside and sighed. All she needed was a little bit of courage. But she was not Joan of Arc.

The next day she waited to see eagerly to see Sweeny, but she did not come to the school.  Sweeny’s  younger brother told Myra that Sweeny had a stomach ache. Myra knew that Sweeny did not come because of Jeanie’s behaviour.

She met Jeanie during lunch and Jeanie invited her to sit with her. Myra was confused. How can Jeanie be so nice to her and so mean to Jeanie?

She decided to confront Jeanie. “Can I ask you something?” Myra asked Jeanie.

“Sure,” replied Jeanie.

“I think you should stop teasing and bullying Sweeny. She feels hurt and it is very rude to do that to a sweet person like Sweeny”, went on Myra.

Jeanie was quiet at first and then said,” But it is funny, really funny.”

“It is not funny to me and won’t be to you if someone does that to you. So just stop it okay!” Myra continued.

The next day as Myra and Sweeny were walking in the corridor, Jeanie said, “Hi Myra. Hi Sweeny. Are you feeling better today?”

Sweeny muttered, “I am fine,” and looked at Myra surprised.

Myra was super happy because she felt a little bit like the brave Joan of Arc. She stood up for something that was right even though she was scared.

She was Myra the Saviour today!

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  1. Arusha Avatar

    I really liked that story!

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