A friend in need is a friend indeed

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

Long time ago, there were two friends playing at the edge of the forest when one of them saw a bear. Without caring about his friend he ran off, climbed a tree and hid there. The other one tried to follow his friend but he could not hide in the small tree. Luckily he was a smart cookie, he lay down on the grass and pretended to be dead.

The bear walked towards the boy who was lying on the grass. It poked the scared boy with his nose and sniffed him all over his face, ears, neck. The boy kept holding his breath and lay still. Finally the bear left.

When the bear was too far the other boy jumped out from his hiding place and asked the boy lying on the ground  “What did the bear whisper to you?, I saw him putting his mouth near your ears. ”

“Oh!”, said the other “the bear just told me to be careful of friends that would run away when I am in trouble”.

The other friend was indeed ashamed and asked for his friend’s forgiveness.



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