Tomorrow That Never Came

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The week was ending on a lucky note. Anna’s class teacher Miss Mary informed the class about a story writing competition. The competition was about writing any fictional story with a nice message. The story had to be submitted on next Friday, else it would not be accepted. The winning entry would be printed as a book proudly displaying winner’s name for the author. Anna had always wanted to be an author. This could be her very first chance. She was thrilled and delighted. Anna was so looking forward to the writing a story. She just loved to weave stories. She couldn’t concentrate on any of her classes that day. She could only think about her story. Her eyes were dreamy as she thought about it.

By the time Anna reached home, she had almost decided what she was going to write. It had to be an inspiring story of a little girl who puts up a lemonade stall to raise money for victims of hurricane Sandy. The story was all so clear in her head. She could write it down whenever she wanted. Anna was tired after school and sat down to watch a little television. After that, she did her homework for the day and then went down to play. By the time she came up, it was dinner time and time for her to go to bed. She can write down the story tomorrow she thought to herself.

The next day was Saturday. Weekends were all about fun for Anna. She never did any schoolwork on weekends. That was her deal with her parents. She usually went cycling with her dad and then swimming. After all the activity, that day Anna returned to have a hearty breakfast after which she felt sleepy. When she got up after a long nap, she once thought about writing her story. Immediately, she dismissed the thought thinking she can always write it tomorrow. After all, there was so much time left.

The next day was Sunday. Her grandparents were supposed to come visit them today. Oh! it was so much fun whenever they visited. Anna decided she was just going to be with them today. The thought of writing the story popped in her head, but she again thought the same. She can write it tomorrow.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday just passed like that. School days were busy, and then she had other activities too. The story in Anna’s mind was still not penned. On Thursday, her class teacher, Ms Mary informed them that; finally, she needed the class to submit the animal project that they had been working on since past three weeks. Anybody who didn’t get that the next day would be punished. Friday was also the last day of submission of the story.

Anna was now beginning to get worried. She had too much to do during the day today. To add to it, she also had her ballet class which she couldn’t possibly skip as their stage performance was due in next ten days. As she reached home, she yanked her bag, quickly gobbled her food and sat down to work. She wasn’t even halfway done through her project, and it was already time for her ballet class. Anna quickly got dressed up and left. On reaching the class, Miss Lee announced that they would practice for an extra hour today as she had to introduce some new steps. Why today?? Anna thought to herself. She was terribly exhausted after the class but immediately sat down to finish the project as soon as she reached home. Anna was getting worried about writing her story. Time was running out.

She was almost done when mother called out to her and told her that it was way past her bedtime, and she hadn’t had dinner yet. Anna wrapped her project work up and went to eat food though she didn’t feel like it. Now she was getting even more nervous about writing the story. Also, she was feeling very tired. She ate her dinner and pulled out two blank sheets to write her story.

As she started to write she yawned. She was sleepy. It had been a long day. She tried to continue but couldn’t hold her pen beyond the first few lines. She had an idea. What if she got up early in the morning tomorrow? After all, she could make some time in the morning tomorrow if she got up early. So, she set up an alarm to wake up good two hours before she usually woke up and went to sleep.

Next morning, her eyes opened only when her mother shook her up. It was time to get ready for school. She was confused and horrified. What had happened to the alarm? Why didn’t it ring? What about her story now? She was aghast! She boarded the school bus with a worried face. She settled in the class, and the teacher asked all the kids to hand out their stories. Teacher sternly made it clear their would be no extra time for defaulters. All of them did. Except her. The best story writer in the class didn’t have any story to submit. How it hurt her. She felt like crying. All her dreams of becoming an author were shattered. She had missed her chance.

Anna could feel her heart was in her mouth. She had a full week and still she couldn’t make out time. She was so disappointed with herself. Wouldn’t it have been wonderful if she had done it the day she got it. Leaving it for tomorrow was her biggest mistake. Anna remembered her family telling her numerous times – what has to be done should be done right away, but she had never taken it seriously.

For Anna, it was a sad tomorrow that never came, but she vowed that it was never going to happen with her again. Never ever!

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