Group Project

Emma’s Group Project

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Emma got back from school, hugged her mother and started dancing. Mom was glad to see her excited, and wondered what had happened that made Emma happy.

“Tell me what is so exciting?” Mom asked.

“We are starting group activities from tomorrow, and we will do art and craft and so many fun things. The group that does the best work will get a mystery gift form Ms. Rose.”

“Sounds like fun!” Mom said.

Next day mom looked forward to Emma getting back from school. It must have been a fun day for her she thought to herself. When Emma got off the bus, she looked far from happy. Slowly she dragged herself home.

“How was your day? Are your groups formed?” Mom questioned.

“Yes.” Came the short reply from Emma. Mom was confused. Yesterday Emma was thrilled, and today she had a sullen face.

“Did you have a fight with your friend?” Asked mom.

“No.” said Emma.

“Well?” Mom inquired patiently.

“I don’t like my group. Andy is nice, Jay is okay, but Jess is too slow and shy. Because of her slowness we could not finish the craft on time and then she was too shy to go and talk to Ms. Rose whether we could use glitter or not. We used it and lost more points.” Emma sobbed.

“It is okay Emma, you will make up for it tomorrow”, consoled her mother.

“You don’t know mom, Jess is a shy kid. She will never change, and we will keep losing”, cried Emma.

“Emma, do you know when I was a kid I was extremely shy?” Her mother said.

Emma stopped crying and looked up and said, “But you are not shy anymore”.

“That’s it, Emma. You have to be nice and be her friend and give her a little time to get used to you guys.”, explained mom. She further continued,” Also, when you work as a group you have to find everybody’s strength and have them do that work, your group will be the fastest then”.

Two day past by and Emma was back to her chirpy self. She told mom how Jess was awesome at cutting, Andy sang like an angel, Jay was amazing in craft ideas. “And Emma?”, Asked mother.

Among other things, Emma sure became very good at finding other people’s strengths.


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