Tooth fairy

The Tooth Fairy’s Gift

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Wayne was six and a half years old, and he was getting very impatient. Why? All his classmates had lost at least one tooth and had received gifts from the tooth fairy. He was the only kid that had all his milk teeth. Then one afternoon while playing football, Wayne got hit by the football. Instead of crying he was excited because one of his baby tooth started wiggling. The long wait seemed even longer now.

Finally, the day came when his baby tooth turned for the last time and fell on his books at school. Now he felt that he belonged with the rest of the classmates. They all had a toothless grin. That night as Wayne tossed and turned in his bed, he wanted to stay awake to meet the tooth fairy. He put the tooth under his pillow. After some time his eyes became heavy and they closed.

At midnight, the room was filled with tinkling sounds. Suddenly out of nowhere  the shiniest little fairy lady appeared. She floated, glided and danced in the room. When she was done, she knelt beside Wayne’s pillow and found the hidden tooth. She dropped the tooth in her golden bag  and said, ” Now the Queen’s necklace will have another pearl. This coin is your reward and will bring you luck. With that she touched Wayne with her magic wand”. After that she fluttered away.

“Wake up dear”, Wayne’s mother tried to wake him up.

Wayne opened his eyes, and immediately his hand went for under the pillow. There was a shining coin under his pillow. The tooth was gone. He was giggling.

“Was that all a dream?”, he cried, “Or, did she really come?”

“It is all about believing Wayne. If you want to believe that she came then you should do that”, said his mother.

“Wait till all my friends hear this”, cried Wayne as he jumped out of his bed.



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4 responses to “The Tooth Fairy’s Gift”

  1. Kate Avatar

    Oh! It’s nice to see that kids believe in fairies. There’s nothing wrong to believe :)

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  4. Arusha Avatar

    Nice article!

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