Imaginary news

Imaginary News

Image Credit: Pixabay User nemo,via CC

Stella was late to school.

“Why?” Her teacher asked.

Stella explained that she prepared breakfast, got her little brother ready and helped mom. This is what made her late for school.

The teacher was not very convinced and asked her again why she was late for school.

She just smiled sheepishly and said, “I woke up very late.”

Everybody knew that Stella had a vivid imagination. She could really spin tales.

But how did this happen?

One time the class teacher asked them to bring news to the class. Stella forgot to bring the news, but when her turn came to speak, she came up with something very interesting.

She stood in front of the class and started reading the news.

“In an astounding incident yesterday, New York was submerged in water. People living on floors higher than 20 feet have reported that it feels as if they are floating in the water. So far, the authorities are unable to find what could have caused it.  A lot of theories are literally being floated around at this point of time. Some say that the UFOs and extra-terrestrial forces are at play. That these ships were stealing water from the Earth and accidentally spilled it. However, some strongly believe that the underground water table rose, and water seeped out also causing sinkholes.

The situation is just out of control as some say that hurricane”candy” passed by New York submerging it. The only question remaining is that how could New Yorkers sleep through it?”

The End.

The teacher smiled and asked her, ” Really Stella is it a true news?”

“Pretty true!” Smiled Stella.

“Well, Stella it might not be true, but it is indeed the most hilarious news that I have heard”, said the teacher.

The whole class laughed and so did Stella.

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    What’s FT

  2. kinooze Avatar

    ft or feet is a measurement unit for height.

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