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Jolly July Facts For Kids

Hey it’s the 1st of July! We are looking at a month filled with sunshine, fun, and exciting events! Let’s explore some amazing facts about this delightful month.

Ruby Red July:
If you’re born in July, you’re in luck! The month’s birthstone is the stunning ruby. It’s known for its deep red hue that represents love and passion. People believe that wearing a ruby brings good luck and protects against evil.

July in Space:
Astronomy enthusiasts rejoice! July offers fantastic stargazing opportunities. The highlight is the Perseid meteor shower which graces the night sky between July 17 and August 24. Why in July? Well, as our Earth revolves around the sun it passes through ice and rock left behind by a comet. And that place where the comet has left its debris, our earth crosses that part of space every year in July. With shooting stars zipping across you will want to find a cozy spot and enjoy the sight!

Perseid meteor shower
Perseid meteor shower, Photo by Michał Mancewicz from pixabay

Dog Days of Summer:
Ever wondered why people talk about the “dog days of summer”? Well, it dates back to ancient times. Romans believed back then that the star Sirius, also known as the Dog Star, added extra heat to the sun during July. They thought this made the weather hot and sultry.

Sirius, the Dog Star
Sirius, the Dog Star is a blue-white star 8.16 light years away from Earth. It radiates 20 times more energy than our own sun. Photo by StarryEarth from Flickr, via Creative Commons.

Month of Freedom for the US:
July kicks off with a bang as Americans celebrate Independence Day on the 4th! On this historic day, the United States declared its independence from Britain. Americans commemorate this special occasion with spectacular fireworks, lively parades, and tasty barbecues.

Bastille Day For the French:
On July 14th, the French commemorate Bastille Day. Its the day the French Revolution started. The day is filled with parades, fireworks, and joyous festivities.

Eiffel Tower fireworks at Bastille Day
Eiffel Tower fireworks at Bastille Day, Image Credit: Joe deSousa from Unsplash

Berry Delicious Month:
July is the time when US celebrates National Blueberry Month! Blueberries are delicious and also pack a punch of vitamins and antioxidant. Grab a handful and enjoy nature’s tasty treat this month.

Ice Cream Extravaganza:
If you’re an ice cream lover, July is your month to indulge! It’s the National Ice Cream Month in the US. That means folks are devouring gallons of this delightful dessert to beat the summer. Vanilla remains the most popular flavor, followed by chocolate and strawberry.

Chillier in the Southern Hemisphere:
Countries like Australia, Argentina, and South Africa experience their peak winter during July. So they end up celebrating their “Christmas in July”. Brings them the same holiday spirit and Christmas cheer in their snowiest month!

Thomas the tank engine runs into a baby kangaroo on Christmas day!

Jolly Julius Caesar:
The month is named after the famous Roman general, Julius Caesar. Before July it was called Quintilis, which meant “fifth month” in Latin. The Roman Senate renamed it to July, to honor Julius Caesar after his assassination.

Picnics and Beach Days:
July is the perfect time for picnics and beach days. Families and friends gather outdoors to savor delicious meals, play games, and soak up the sun. No wonder July is also the National Picnic Month in the US. Remember to keep your sunscreen and stay hydrated!

Sizzling Hot Records:
July holds some sizzling hot records! On July 1913, Death Valley, California recorded the highest temperature on Earth. A scorching 57 degrees Celsius (about 134 degrees Fahrenheit). It’s no wonder it’s called the Death Valley!

Death Valley California
Landscape, Death valley, California, Image Credit: Peter Perhac from Pixabay

Lunar Landings:
July has seen some monumental space exploration moments. On 20th July 1969, Apollo 11, NASA’s mission to moon landed successfully. Astronaut Neil Armstrong took that famous first step on moon and called it a giant leap for mankind.

World Emoji Day:
Do you love emojis? Well, so do many people worldwide! July 17th is in fact celebrated as the World Emoji Day. It recognises the fun and expressive nature of these digital characters. Brands across the world make new product announcements on this day. Like Sony pictures announced the cast of their new movie Emoji Movie on this day. And Pepsi launched their custom World Emoji Day cans and bottles called PepsiMoji.

World Emoji Day is also in July, No wonder Sony Entertainment’s “The Emoji Movie” made it to theatres in July!

Time-Traveling Leap Seconds:
July occasionally gains an extra second! The leap second gets added to keep our time clocks in sync with the Earth’s rotation. So, every once in a while, time seems to stand still for a moment!

International Joke Day:
Laughter is contagious, and July 1st is International Joke Day. Back in the 1990s US novelist Wayne Reinagel used to launch his joke books on this day. Now the entire world celebrates this day. Share your favourite jokes and bring smiles to the faces of friends and family.

Unsinkable July:
One of the most famous shipwrecks in history happened in July. The RMS Titanic sank on July 15th, 1912, after hitting an iceberg. It’s a reminder of the importance of safety at sea and the human spirit’s resilience in times of adversity.

July is brimming with historical events, astronomical wonders, and celebrations. So whether you’re watching fireworks, enjoying a summer picnic, or looking up at the stars — remember to cherish the quirky and exciting moments this amazing month brings!

Image Credit: Featured Image by JillWellington from pixabay

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