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There was a boy named Billy. His birthday fell in nice and warm summers. Every year he celebrated his birthday on 22nd December. Are you surprised? I sure was..

You see the Earth is a sphere and can be divided into two hemispheres. The line that divides the Earth into the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere is equator .

The Northern Hemisphere includes all of North America, the northern parts of South America, about two-thirds of Africa, all of Asia excluding (parts of Indonesia) and all of Europe.

The Southern Hemisphere includes most of South America, one-third of Africa, all of Antarctica, a small sliver of Asia (parts of Indonesia) and all of Australia/Oceania.

These Hemispheres have very interesting facts about them


  • The Northern Hemisphere has almost 90% of the land and the Southern Hemisphere has 90% water. So most of the world population lives in Northern Hemisphere.
  • When its is summer in the Northern Hemisphere, its winter-time in Southern Hemisphere.
  • Moon seems to be upside down in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Sun rises in East and sets in West in both Hemispheres. Atleast they have something in common :)

Coming back to our question that how Billy celebrated his birthday on Dec 22 in summers? He lived in Australia  :)



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  1. Gayatri Avatar

    December 22nd in the summer? Wow!

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    Very good website

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    khoza Listen

    GOOD indeed

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    Hannah loves it

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    How the heck is that in summer!

  6. Ella Avatar

    My sisters birthday is 22nd of December! But it falls in winter ❄️

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    I like what im seeing that is really impresive.

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    wow cool, good for billy!!!

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    i like it and it well help me on a lot of quistions for my class

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