Our Earth, Our Mother

Our Mother, Our Earth


Earth is the most special planet in the universe. There are other planets in our solar system, but this is the only planet in our solar system that is full of life. In fact, there is Earth’s twin sister Venus that is similar to Earth but has no life on it. For all of us living on Earth, it is our Mother Earth.

NASA Scientists have discovered Super Earth but we do not know if there is life on it.

Just like how our mother takes care of everything that happens inside our homes, Mother Earth takes care of everything that happens outside in the environment.

We all celebrate our mommy’s birthday, don’t we? Do you know when is mother Earth’s birthday? It is April 22, also known as Earth day is our mother Earth’s birthday . People across the continents celebrate this day by making it very special for her. Did you know that long time ago Earth was just one piece of land and water all around?

How do you think she will feel special? She feels very special if all of us appreciate nature, keep it clean and use all of her oceans, mountains and other natural resources responsibly.

Here are some other ways to do that and keep her happy, healthy and smiling :

  • Walk or ride a bicycle as pollution created by cars, trucks, buses, trains, etc make her feel suffocating and damages her outer skin( ozone layer).
  • Do not cut forests. This disturbs the wildlife. Animals are children of mother earth as much as we are.
  • Plant trees. Trees help keep the air clean.
  • Do not litter.
  • Recycle! Means reusing .By doing this easy thing, we use less of our important resources that all of us will need in the future to survive.
  • Collect food and plant waste at one place and let it rot. This is called composting. Composting helps create rich soil for gardening and is a good way to reduce the amount of trash that goes into the earth.

Most Important:

We have to remember that Earth is every person’s and every country’s responsibility.

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  1. Arusha Avatar

    It’ aswesome !!! :)

  2. Sofia Clara Avatar
    Sofia Clara

    I have read the above article completely which you have written. It was really interesting that the kid facts about earth facts you have explained in the article. I got to know some new facts after reading the article, which I was not knowing before. thank you for sharing the valuable information.

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