Slimiest thing on Earth

Slimiest Thing on Earth?

Can you guess what is the slimiest thing on earth? I know you are thinking eeeeeeeeeeeewy and yuckyyyyy… Aren’t you? But this is interesting. Think about it. Could it be a fruit or vegetable, some plant, may be one of the animals……..  Guess?? Nah!

It’s a FISH !!!

Hagfish, as it is called, is probably the slimiest thing that exists.

The hagfish is covered with special glands that can emit a sticky slime. In fact, a single hagfish can produce enough slime at one time to fill a milk jug. It is believed that this slime can actually suffocate predators by clogging their gills if they come in contact with it.

The hagfish looks similar to an eel and This has earned it the name “slime eel”, although it is really not an eel at all.

Look at this shocking video of hagfish producing slime:

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