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  • Eco-Wonders – Inventions Saving Our Planet

    Eco-Wonders – Inventions Saving Our Planet

    Hey Earth heroes! Are you ready to dive into the world of amazing inventions that are making our planet sparkle? Get ready for a journey with the latest scientific wonders crafted for awesome kids like you 1. ZStraw – The Ultimate Sip Sidekick: Meet ZStraw, the world’s slimmest, foldable, and reusable straw! This superhero straw […]

  • Cyclone Naming: A Stormy Name Game!

    Cyclone Naming: A Stormy Name Game!

    Have you ever wondered why each cyclone has a name? It’s because we want to remember them. Let’s learn how the naming process has changed over time! A long time ago, cyclones were given random names, sometimes based on important events. But in 1887, a meteorologist named Clement Wragge from Australia had a good idea. […]

  • Carbon Farming

    Carbon Farming

    We know for a fact the soil is fertile. The soil has certain nutrients that support plant growth. But have you ever wondered that what is it in the soil that makes it productive? One of the main ingredients of fertile soil is Carbon. Carbon in the Soil – A boon Yes, Carbon! Carbon helps […]

  • Why do Planets Spin?

    Why do Planets Spin?

    We all know that the gravitational force keeps the planets orbiting around the Sun, and moons around their respective planets. But have you ever thought why the all the planets in our solar system rotate? Why do all of them except Venus and Uranus rotate in a counter-clockwise direction? Does the Sun also rotate? Well, […]

  • Earth’s Protective Gear – Ozone Layer

    Earth’s Protective Gear – Ozone Layer

    Have you noticed people wearing large hats and sunglasses to protect themselves from the sun? Many people often carry umbrellas to shade themselves. The white face paint cricketers paint their faces with, isn’t just out of style. That’s sunscreen! Sportsmen cover their faces with sunscreen before they step out to play. Why do we need protection […]

  • The Grand Canyon

    The Grand Canyon

    Have you ever seen a deep valley with steep rock sides and a stream or river flowing through it? That’s  a canyon! Grand Canyon, as the name suggests, is a mighty canyon in the state of Arizona, US. The grand canyon is 277 miles (446 km) long, around 18 miles (29 km) wide and around 1 mile […]

  • Hollow Rocks – Caves

    Hollow Rocks – Caves

    “Spelunking! Me! No way!”, Joshua shrieked and flung his hands in the air. For all of you who don’t know what Spelunking means, it is usually referred to the exploration of caves as a hobby. “But it will be a superb adventure!”, Joshua’s childhood friend, Joe, said.  “Aren’t you curious to see how caves look and feel from inside. […]

  • Health Food For Earth – Compost

    Health Food For Earth – Compost

    You eat junk food. But you are always told to eat more of healthy food. Why? Healthy food has nutrients that are essential for your body. Earth needs to eat healthy food too. It needs nutrients to replenish itself. One way Earth does it is by eating compost. What is compost? Compost is organic material like dry […]

  • All About Rivers

    All About Rivers

    On the way to her grandparent’s new house, Liv saw a river flowing. She wondered how and where does a river start and where does it end? It filled Liv with immense curiosity. Have you ever thought about it? Do you have an answer to Liv’s question? Here is the answer. A river starts somewhere […]

  • Foggy Fog

    Foggy Fog

    It had been a month since seven year old Jacky moved to Delhi, India. Winters were setting in the northern part of the country. Jacky had moved in from Mumbai, another very popular city in India. Mumbai for the most part of the year was warm and humid. Jacky was slowly getting used to the […]

  • Landforms That Water Creates

    Landforms That Water Creates

    Do you know what landforms are? Landforms are the natural shapes present on the surface of the Earth. mountains, hills, valleys, rivers, oceans are just few of many natural features that make up our earth. Since our Earth is made up of either land or water, many of its natural features are made up by […]

  • Features That Make Up The Earth – Landforms

    Features That Make Up The Earth – Landforms

    Every person has natural physical features – eyes, nose, ears, skin and many more. These features make each person unique. Our Earth has natural features too!! We are not talking about earth having nose, eyes and ears here ;). Earth’s natural features are in the form of its mountains, rivers, valleys etc. These natural shapes […]

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