Devil’s Triangle – The Bermuda Triangle

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The geography class for the sixth graders was really interesting today. Miss May had been talking about an island called Bermuda and introduced a strange place called the ‘Devil’s triangle”.

There is a triangular region in the Atlantic ocean with Miami, San Juan and the island of Bermuda, Miss May had told the class. Strange things have been reported in that region, missing ships and aircrafts. As she concluded the class she asked the whole class to be investigators and find the truth behind the mystery.

Josh was walking home with Emily, and they were both lost in the mystery of Bermuda. Was it really true what Miss May had told them. They had to find out. But how?

On the way, they met Beth. She was always reading about mysteries. Emily asked her, ” Hey Beth, do you know something about the Bermuda triangle?”

“Oh yes! That is one strange place. I read a book once where five friends were crossing through the triangle and strange things happened to them. There were aliens and UFO’s. Scary!” Beth went on.

“Maybe it is true then, it is a mysterious place.” Josh told Emily.

All of a sudden Josh remembered that his father’s cousin Joey had been in the US Navy. Surely he must know something about the scary waters that stretch to the total area varying from 500,000 to 1.5 million square miles.

Josh, Emily and Beth started walking towards uncle Joey’s house. On their way they met Eric. He was a strange boy, always talking about ghosts. When he saw the three of them, he asked, “What are you upto?”. They told him about the Bermuda triangle.

“Maybe there are ghosts making all the things disappear”, mused Eric.

Now all four of them started walking towards uncle Joey’s house find the truth.

Uncle Joey was surprised to find them at his doorstep. He smiled and invited them inside the house. Josh started, “Uncle Joey we wanted to find out something about the devil’s triangle. Is there a mystery around it or something that can be explained by science?”

“Miss May gave us a project in class,” added Emily.

Uncle Joey laughed and said that it was just a myth, and in reality the waters were as safe as they can be on any part of  the ocean. There is a lot to be blamed on rough weather as there are tropical storms prevalent in this area. Since the route is a very high traffic route it only seems that a large number of ships or aircraft are disappearing where as it is normal on the sea.

The mystery of the Triangle began taking roots when Flt 19 of US Navy disappeared in 1945. Five Navy Avengers disappeared in the area. The navy thought that the probable cause was pilot error, but the family of the pilot urged them to change the cause to “reasons unknown”.

Fiction writers since then have added on to this myth without analyzing the scientific data or any evidence that might have been ignored earlier.

“So there is really no mystery about Bermuda triangle,” exclaimed Josh and Emily.

“Nope!”  Uncle Joey smiled.

“Are you sure, it is just a legend?” Asked Beth hoping that there was a mystery.

“Positive”, replied Uncle Joey.

Uncle Joey treated the kids some yummy ice cream while walking them back home.

What a fun and yum class project!


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