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  • Devil’s Triangle – The Bermuda Triangle

    Devil’s Triangle – The Bermuda Triangle

    The geography class for the sixth graders was really interesting today. Miss May had been talking about an island called Bermuda and introduced a strange place called the ‘Devil’s triangle”. There is a triangular region in the Atlantic ocean with Miami, San Juan and the island of Bermuda, Miss May had told the class. Strange […]

  • The Disappearing Ground!

    The Disappearing Ground!

    “Ha!”, grinned the wicked wizard. The princess was trapped and could not run any where – for one side there was a deep ridge and the other side the minions of the wizard. The princess hoped that she could fly, but it was only a wish. She looked up and  suddenly saw her best friend flying […]

  • Our Oceans

    Our Oceans

    What is so special on our planet Earth that it has life on it? What does it have that no other planet has? What is it that Mars might have had in past? Water!! Did you know that the first life on Earth originated in water. Our earth is made up of around 70 % of water.  Just the […]

  • The Burning Rocks

    The Burning Rocks

    Are we talking about high mountains spewing hot lava? No. Those are volcanoes. We are talking about the rocks that are used as fuel that can be used to cook food or to run engines or to build roads. These are rocks that burn. Have you ever heard of them? Long ago, some black stones […]

  • How Do We Know A Storm Is Coming?

    How Do We Know A Storm Is Coming?

    All of us hear about the storms or the typhoons that are going to hit us, but how do we get to know before it arrives. Are there some fortune tellers in the weather forecasting team? Is someone reading the stars by looking at their position? Well, these methods were used in the past, but […]

  • Our Earth – Now and Then

    Our Earth – Now and Then

    This is how our Earth looks now. With seven continents placed like this. But long time ago it was a different story altogether. And by long time I mean 500 million years ago!!  At that time there was just one landmass called Pangaea and a massive water body known as Panthalassa. Earth then looked something like this. […]

  • Earth’s Highest Mountain

    Earth’s Highest Mountain

    Mount Everest, which lies in the Himalayas,  is the Earth’s highest mountain. The  international border between China and Nepal runs across the precise summit point. Mount Everest is called  ‘Sagarmatha‘ in Nepali and ‘Chomolungma‘ in Tibetan. Both mean ‘Holy Mother’. For the longest time, Kanchenjunga in Himalayas was considered to be the highest mountain. In 1847, […]

  • A Rainbow at Night

    A Rainbow at Night

    The lights glow a bright red, then turn into streaky green ribbons and then dark blue merging with the night sky. What do you suppose I am talking about? Decorative Diwali lights in the neighborhood?No, not at all. I am referring to the ‘Northern Lights’ or the ‘Aurora Borealis’. It is a natural display of lights that happens near the North Pole. […]

  • Hard Rocks or Precious Diamonds

    Hard Rocks or Precious Diamonds

    Who would think that the most precious diamonds are actually hard rocks. In fact it is the hardest natural material known to us. Diamonds have always fascinated us as they sparkle and glitter sometimes it seems that they are flashing with white fire. Diamonds are typically yellow, brown or gray to colorless. Less often blue, green, […]

  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

    First of all there is nothing little about stars. They only look little because they are really far in the sky. These stars are balls of burning gases that release energy. Stars have always fascinated children because they twinkle. How do they get this twinkle? The truth is that they do not twinkle in real […]

  • How are rocks formed?

    How are rocks formed?

      If someone asked us  “What’s special about rocks?”, we will probably say “Nothing, really!! Just stony, hard things we see around us often”  They are hard and yes they are stony, but there is so much more to rocks than just that. Did you know that rocks are tiny particles tightly cemented together? And that they […]

  • What is a Gulf?

    What is a Gulf?

    Gulf is a portion of the sea, that is almost surrounded by land except one narrow opening. Gulfs are formed when a giant rock collapses or when a piece of land sinks. This causes a big indentation in the area, and the water eventually fills it up. Gulfs are also formed through a natural process of […]

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