Mountains under the Ocean

So you thought that the deepest part of the ocean is just sand right? What if I said that there are huge mountains, ridges, volcanoes and trenches under the water, just like we have on the land. And some of the trenches are so huge that even the Mt. Everest can disappear in those.


Surprised!! That’s good :)

We all know that almost 70% of Earth is covered with oceans.

The flat ocean floor is covered with a lot of sediment that consists of sand, dead plants and animals. There are cracks in this sea floor that we call the deep sea canyons. A lot of gentler animals hide here. Somewhere on this ocean floor there is a vast chain of mountains and ridges.

However so far only 1%of the sea floor has been explored and rest is still unknown to us. That is why, most of the sea-life belonging to the deepwaters are not even familiar to scientists. There is so much to be explored out there.

Recently the famous director James Cameron ( Titanic, Avatar ) explored the Mariana Trench, which is a long way down (36,000 ft).  If Mount everest was turned upside down it would only be around 29,000 ft.

Maybe one day all you little explorers will explore the rest of the ocean that is all out there. Ready to dive?





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2 responses to “Mountains under the Ocean”

  1. Sophie Avatar

    Wow! Absolutely amazing!

  2. Barry Avatar

    Sophie . . . your comment MIRRORS my own ! In addition, so informative and educational !

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