What is Liberty?

What does liberty mean? Why do people care about it so much? Is it really that important? To answer all these questions we have to understand that all men are created equal and born free.

Liberty means that we decide many things about our lives. In other words, people have freedom to rule themselves. That means people should be free in what they do, where they go, what they eat or what they speak. They should have freedom to make choices about their clothes, food, house and leaders of the country. They should be able to speak their mind if they do not like the government’s decision.

Sometimes, governing agencies impose many restrictions on the way people should conduct themselves.  

In history you must have read about how people have time and again fought for their rights. Sometimes they fought against foreign rulers. America and India fought against the British rulers. However, sometimes they fought against their own kings or dictators. The French or the Russian people fought against their own rulers. In olden times, people were put to jail just because they spoke what they believed in.  There are still some countries where it is so.

Does having liberty mean we can do whatever we feel like? No.

Liberty does not mean that we can do what ever we feel like.

We are free to do our things as long a they do not take away someone else’s freedom or put their life at risk.

We are free to sing and shout, but should we do it in a public place? No, that will take away the freedom of others.

We are free to play with toys, but should we take other’s toys if they do not want to share? No, that will take away the freedom of others.

We are free to to ride our car, but should we ignore the stop sign? No, that puts others at risk.

It is okay when there are rules because they keep your freedom and everybody else’s freedom safe, but when it starts interfering with daily rights of people we say that the government is not liberal. 

Image Credit: Flickr User vegasnitro, via CC

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