Canada’s Wildfire Paints New York City Skyline Orange

Do you know those cool photos of New York City’s skyline? Well, recently, there was something unusual. The pictures showed the sky covered in an orange haze. Do you know what caused it? It’s because of the wildfires happening in Canada. The smoke from those fires traveled to New York, and painted the skyline orange.

Right now, millions of people are being told to be careful because of wildfires happening in Canada. The smoke from these fires has traveled to big cities like Toronto in Canada, and even down to places like New York City and Connecticut in the United States. The air in these areas is not very healthy to breathe right now, and it is causing some risks to people’s health.

One place in Canada called Quebec is having a tough time. 160 fires are burning there, which is a lot! This makes the situation even more serious.

In the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warned people about the air quality in some northeastern states – New York City, Connecticut, Boston, Pittsburgh, and Washington DC.

Did you know that Canada is having more wildfires than usual? It’s because the weather has been dry and hot. This summer, they’re expecting even bigger fires than before. So far, these fires have already burned over 3.3 million hectares! That is huge!

People in different parts of Canada, like Quebec, have had to leave their homes because of the fires. Can you imagine having to leave your house because it’s not safe? It can be sad for families. Major fires have also been happening in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Nova Scotia, and the Northwest Territories.

Remember, these wildfires are causing problems, but people are working hard to put them out and keep everyone safe. Everyone in these areas needs to take care and be aware of the risks. The smoke from wildfires can make it hard to breathe and can even make people sick. So it’s a good idea to stay indoors as much as possible and listen to the advice from the authorities to stay safe.

This situation reminds us how important it is to prevent wildfires and be prepared for them. We need to protect ourselves, our homes, and the environment. So, let’s keep learning about wildfires and how we can stay safe. Together, we can make a big difference!

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