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  • Watery World of Awesome Axolotls

    Watery World of Awesome Axolotls

    Let’s get ready to learn all about axolotls! These creatures are like nothing you’ve seen before. Let’s dive into their watery world and discover some amazing facts – Meet the Axolotls: Imagine a creature that looks like a mix of a fish and a lizard. That’s how an axolotl is! Axolotls are small amphibians that […]

  • Fantastic Fungi

    Fantastic Fungi

    Welcome to the fascinating world of fungi! While mushrooms are the most famous fungi, there’s much more to learn. Fungi are organisms, different from plants and animals. Besides mushrooms, there are molds, yeasts, and other types of fungi, each with its shape, size, and color. You might have seen mold growing on bread or in […]

  • Dust Devils: Nature’s Whirling Wonders!

    Dust Devils: Nature’s Whirling Wonders!

    Once upon a time, in a vast and dry desert, a group of young explorers embarked on a thrilling adventure. They had heard tales of a strange natural phenomenon called dust devils. Also known as miniature tornadoes, and were eager to uncover their enchanting secrets. Let’s read the facts that they discovered. What Are Dust […]

  • Fun Penguin Facts

    Fun Penguin Facts

    When it comes to the cutest living organisms on the planet, penguins top the list! Penguins are loved by everyone because of their adorable looks. While we can watch them live in the zoo, there are many cartoons and movies based on their life. Do you remember the ’Pingu’? Our all-time favorite cartoon character! A […]

  • The Immortal Jellyfish

    The Immortal Jellyfish

    Is it possible to live forever? Witches and wizards in Harry Potter save their souls in a magical object. They then go on to live forever. Pinocchio was brought back to life by The Blue Fairy, who was immortal. Immortal means to live forever. Jonathan Swift’s famous book Gulliver’s Travels had an island of Immortals where […]

  • Learning From The Ants

    Learning From The Ants

    Cars that turn into robots and then back into cars on their own. Don’t the ‘Transformers’ simply thrill you? But then, isn’t all that just a fantasy? What if I tell you that nature has such a self-assembling machine? The remarkable ant We often dismiss the tiny little ant, crawling on the ground around us. […]

  • Fossil Forests

    Fossil Forests

    Can you imagine our world without trees? Did you know that once upon a time our world was without them! Believe it or not – thousands of millions of years ago there were no trees on Earth at all. It was covered with tiny plants and short vegetation everywhere. About 400 million years ago, trees started […]

  • Agroforestry – A Farm In The Forest

    Agroforestry – A Farm In The Forest

    Have you ever visited the countryside? What did you see there? Did you find acres of land covered with crops? Were the crops all the same kind? A typical farm is a piece land, usually covered with a single type of crop. Be it wheat, rice, maize, cotton or something else. Scientists thought the land […]

  • Ugh, Another Rodent

    Ugh, Another Rodent

    ( Fun facts about hamsters – by Esha our little researcher @6th grade ) Everyone thinks that hamsters are mice and are yucky and unhygienic. Just like rodents are. That’s not true. Yes, they are rodents, but they make good house pets. Let us get to know more about them. They belong to a subfamily called […]

  • Did Humans Evolve From Fish?

    Did Humans Evolve From Fish?

    Have you ever felt like you are a fish? That you love water and want to swim in it forever? Or maybe don an artificial tail and eat some kelp for the rest of your life? Then behold, this instinct is all natural and owes to our fishy past. There is a lot of evidence that […]

  • The Ship of The Desert – Camel

    The Ship of The Desert – Camel

    Have you ever tried walking on the sand? Not easy is it? Your feet sink into the sand, making them feel so heavy when you lift them to take a step forward. Now try walking on the sand when it is extremely hot. It is tough, isn’t it? So how do people move around in […]

  • Why do Some Animals Have Scales?

    Why do Some Animals Have Scales?

    To answer this question, imagine a crocodile, a snake or a fish without scales. They would look odd. And even more, they would become so vulnerable. While looks are not so important, safety is. Considering the harsh conditions that animals live in, scales are like their armour that protect them. These animals are no less than knights with shining […]

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