Fun Penguin Facts

When it comes to the cutest living organisms on the planet, penguins top the list! Penguins are loved by everyone because of their adorable looks.

While we can watch them live in the zoo, there are many cartoons and movies based on their life. Do you remember the ’Pingu’? Our all-time favorite cartoon character! A 5-year old boy penguin, Pingu won the hearts of all the kids with his amusingly charming personality. So much so that we all wish we had a real-life Pingu in our lives!

Penguins are undeniably everybody’s favorite. Are you interested in knowing a bit more about them? Like, what they eat? Where they live? What life do they lead? You would definitely love to know! Go on and read some strikingly interesting facts about your beloved penguin below.

A waddle of penguins
A waddle of penguins

7 Interesting facts about penguins for kids

How do penguins look like?

We all know that penguins are black and white in color. Do you know why? It is because their black and white feathers help protect them from their predators. Also, have you ever observed their body? It is designed in a way that allows them to swim inside the water and slide along their tummies on the snow.

Where are penguins found?

Almost all kinds of penguins are found in the bottom half of the Earth i.e the Southern Hemisphere. But if you think they all live in bone-chilling temperatures, you are wrong! The small size penguins generally live near the equator in the warm temperatures. While the larger ones can be found in the extremely freezing regions like Antarctica which are better suited to their large size.

Penguins cannot fly but can swim!

Penguins cannot fly but can certainly swim! They spend nearly half of their lives inside waters looking for food and can swim really fast underwater owing to their flipper-like wings.

A penguin swimming underwater
A penguin swimming underwater

What do penguins eat?

While humans have endless options when it comes to food, penguins solely thrive on seafood. Different species of penguins have different eating habits. Most of the food they eat include – fish, squid, shrimp, krill, crabs, and other crustaceans. Do you eat any of these?

What are the different kinds of penguins?

Just like all other species, penguins come in a variety too. It is believed that currently there exist 17-18 different kinds of penguins. While the smallest of them is the fairy penguin (nearly 41cm tall), the largest one being the emperor penguin (about 1.1 m tall).

Penguins as parents

Penguins mate nearly all year round. Most of them lay two eggs in a year but the emperor penguin lays only one. After laying the egg, the female goes inside the ocean to feed herself. When she returns, it is the male’s turn to look out for food. Since food is available only inside the sea, one parent takes care of the chick and the other parent brings food for it. They do it in turns. Doesn’t it sound adorable?!

Penguins love to socialize!

Most penguins stay together in large groups. They like to do everything together whether it is eating, swimming, hunting or nesting. They are highly sociable and interactive. Penguins also have a unique voice that helps them find their mates amongst a large group of penguins. Just like we all have our unique codes for our gangs!

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