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  • Teenager Shubham Banerjee Invents A Cheap Braille Printer

    Teenager Shubham Banerjee Invents A Cheap Braille Printer

    Shubham Banerjee is all but 13 years old. He lives in San Jose, California with his parents. He goes to school and loves it, especially science. Everything about him sounds normal except this: Shubham, for his 7th-grade school science fair project, made a Braille Printer – a fully functional Braille printer! Braille is a system of dots and […]

  • Technology to Save Lives

    Technology to Save Lives

    Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis can be very destructive. They can turn buildings and houses into a huge pile of rubble in a matter of seconds. Most of the times people get trapped in this rubble. The rescue team does intensive search operations to find these people. Sadly, sometimes, by the time rescue team locates a […]

  • Happy Birthday Google!

    Happy Birthday Google!

    Today is the 15th birthday of Google. Google celebrates its birthday on 27 September each year. The company is now based in Mountain View, California. Google’s home page has a piñata doodle that the user can hit and collect candies. Fun huh! The internet search company has really diversified the past year. They have been investing in […]

  • Fastest Spinning Object

    Fastest Spinning Object

    Scientists at University of St. Andrews in Scotland, have recently  made the fastest spinning object ever made by man. The object is a microscopic sphere made of calcium with a diameter of 4 micro meter. To give you some idea, a human hair is said to be about 50 micrometers wide. Now can you imagine how tiny must […]

  • Folding Cars

    Folding Cars

    As the world’s population is increasing, there is one thing that is obviously shrinking. Space on Earth! We have space savers everywhere. Cabinets, drawers and shelves that can organize our house efficiently. Now there is a space saver car that folds on its own and saves you a lot of space in your garage or […]

  • Mr. Balloon Captains Project Loon

    Mr. Balloon Captains Project Loon

    Is Mr. Balloon a character from the famous cartoon show Looney tunes? Nope! Project loon is a bunch of 30 balloons flying over New Zealand’s south island. This is a project started by Google, to provide faster internet access to remote areas by a balloon network. This world is going to be far better connected […]

  • Printed Food?

    Printed Food?

    You all must have used printers a lot many times. You used them for printing pictures, recipes, air tickets or worksheets. But have you ever printed food out of a printer? Well you might be doing so in a few years. There is a company named Systems and Materials Research Corp in Austin that is […]

  • Google Glass Not Coming This Year

    Google Glass Not Coming This Year

    Google Glass is not coming to a shop this year after all. So all of you have to wait until sometime next year to buy this gadget. Google engineers have confirmed that they are going to be testing the wearable gadget all through the year and making improvements to it before releasing it for sale […]

  • YouTube hit a Billion

    YouTube hit a Billion

    I don’t think that there is anyone who does not know about YouTube. You can watch your favorite cartoons, songs, educational videos and any information in form of videos on YouTube. Well, now YouTube is celebrating its success as they had 1 billion ( Do you know the number of zeros in a billion?) people that watched […]

  • No Texting While Driving

    No Texting While Driving

    Are you texting while driving? Should you be doing that? Never! Now there is a new system that makes it impossible for you to drive the car. How? Well,  a  new device called ORIGOSafe stops people from texting while driving. If you text the car stops. To start the car, drivers must insert their smartphones into ORIGOSafe. […]

  • Boeing Has A Fix For It’s Batteries

    Boeing Has A Fix For It’s Batteries

    Boeing, which had its 787 Dreamliners grounded earlier has fixed its batteries now. The company is confident that the 200,000 hours of testing time put in by their 500 engineers is enough to prove there is no risk of fire or smoke from the new batteries. The batteries were submitted for testing at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) […]

  • Google’s Talking Shoes

    Google’s Talking Shoes

    Hmm.. Reminds me of a book I read as a kid, “The talking shoes”, by Enid Blyton. In the book, the magical shoes taught an impolite girl how to be polite. Yes, those shoes were magical. But the Google shoes have no magic only technology. So what is Google upto ? First glasses and now shoes. But while […]

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