Happy Birthday Google!

Image Credit: Pixabay User Nemo, via CC

Today is the 15th birthday of Google. Google celebrates its birthday on 27 September each year. The company is now based in Mountain View, California.

Google’s home page has a piñata doodle that the user can hit and collect candies. Fun huh!

The internet search company has really diversified the past year. They have been investing in the technology of the future. Self driving cars, internet enabled glasses, talking shoes (well, this sounds like magic doesn’t it?).

Google funded the World Wildlife Fund a grant of $5 million to develop sensors to help protect endangered species.

Google started the Project loon. It is a bunch of 30 balloons flying over New Zealand’s south island, to provide faster internet access to remote areas by a balloon network.

Here is wishing Google a very Happy Birthday and a great year ahead!

All of you who read the news and do not know what is Google. Read here.

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