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  • A New Dinosaur Found on the Isle of Wight!

    A New Dinosaur Found on the Isle of Wight!

    Guess what? Scientists have found a new dinosaur species on the Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom! It’s called Vectipelta barretti. They discovered its fossils on this special island. Vectipelta barretti had a cool feature—it had a blade-like spiked protective cover! But don’t worry, it was a plant-eating dinosaur. Researchers from the U.K.’s Natural […]

  • Spiny Ants: Tricksters That Play Dead

    Spiny Ants: Tricksters That Play Dead

    Let’s start with a brain teaser today! What did the Pink Panther say when he stepped on an ant?Dead Ant, Dead Ant…Dead Ant, Dead Ant, Dead Ant… Something similar happened on Kangaroo Island, Australia, recently. As a part of a special project, “Kangaroo Island Nest Box Project,” which aims to restore wildlife after the bushfires. […]

  • Canada’s Wildfire Paints New York City Skyline Orange

    Canada’s Wildfire Paints New York City Skyline Orange

    Do you know those cool photos of New York City’s skyline? Well, recently, there was something unusual. The pictures showed the sky covered in an orange haze. Do you know what caused it? It’s because of the wildfires happening in Canada. The smoke from those fires traveled to New York, and painted the skyline orange. […]

  • Lake Made up of Glass or Water?

    Lake Made up of Glass or Water?

      In December 2014, Tomas Nunuk and a friend decided to explore Velke Hincovo Pleso, biggest and the deepest lake of Slovakia, located in the High Tatras Mountains. What they did not know was that they would have an experience of a lifetime. The lake was frozen crystal clear! It seemed like someone had covered […]

  • New Species Of Frog Smaller Than Thumbelina

    New Species Of Frog Smaller Than Thumbelina

    Do you know the story of Thumbelina? Once upon a time, there lived a pretty little girl, Who was smaller than any girl you have ever seen! Her mother said, “Look she is no bigger than my thumb! I shall call her Thumbelina” Well, a new species of bush-frog, named Raorchestes primarrumpfi, smaller than Thumbelina got discovered recently […]

  • Olive Ridley Sea Turtles At a Beach Near You!

    Olive Ridley Sea Turtles At a Beach Near You!

    Well, it is nesting time for sea turtles around the Indian Ocean. And we are so excited to tell you about that in advance. The Marine Wildlife Sanctuary in the state of Odisha, India is expecting thousands of olive-shelled sea turtles, or Olive Ridleys as they are called, to emerge out of the Indian Ocean anytime now. Going by the past […]

  • Kangaroos Did Not Always Hop

    Kangaroos Did Not Always Hop

    Did you know that kangaroos did not always hop? About 30,000 years ago some of them walked! Yes, they were so big (about three times as big as the kangaroos today) that they could only walk. These giant kangaroos were maybe two meters tall and weighed 240 kilograms, as claimed by researchers of Brown University, USA who published their findings […]

  • One Whale Of a Jump

    One Whale Of a Jump

    A humpback whale was captured on camera jumping out of the ocean waters near California coast, in the US. It seems it was jumping out to high-five a sea gull! Now that is what we call One Whale of a Jump! The amazing picture was shot by German photographer Mario Nonaka on a trip around the bay, Caters News […]

  • These Toads are Poisonous

    These Toads are Poisonous

    Madagascar is a safe haven for unique species that are not found anywhere else on the Earth. This safe haven is now in trouble. Why? It is because of Asian common toads or Duttaphrynus melanostictus. These toads that are native to South East Asia were first spotted in March near Toamasina, Madagascar’s largest seaport.  From Asia to Africa? […]

  • Coldest Place on Earth!

    Coldest Place on Earth!

    Which is the coldest place on Earth? Antarctica of course!  But where in Antarctica and how did the scientist find that out? With the help of a new remote sensing satellite, NASA-USGS LandSat 8, that is orbiting the Earth. It keeps an eye on the effects of changing climate on the land surface. Scientist can track these […]

  • New Island in Japan

    New Island in Japan

    Just when you thought that you knew all the islands on Earth, a new island has appeared a thousand kilometres way from the capital Tokyo. Ash rose from the middle of the sea, and a new island took birth. Sounds like a line from a magical story book. How was this island formed? By a undersea […]

  • Giant fish discovered in the Sea

    Giant fish discovered in the Sea

    It was a regular day for marine instructor Jasmine Santana. At least that is what she thought when she was as usual snorkeling along the coast of Catalina island in Southern California. Suddenly she spotted something lying still on the bed of  the sea with eyes as big as the size of half dollars. As she neared the […]

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