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New Island in Japan

Image Credit: Flickr User,via CC

Just when you thought that you knew all the islands on Earth, a new island has appeared a thousand kilometres way from the capital Tokyo.

Ash rose from the middle of the sea, and a new island took birth. Sounds like a line from a magical story book. How was this island formed? By a undersea volcano. You all know that when a volcano erupts it spews lava.  When a  large underwater volcanic erupts, the lava solidifies immediately as it comes in contact with the water. These eruptions go on for many days collecting vertically and become so large that sometimes they rise above the water surface and form islands. These islands are also  known as volcanic islands.

Is the new island big, small or here to stay? Well, the authorities are not saying anything yet because a lot many times the islands disappear as easily as they appeared. It is too soon to know for sure. The last time something like this happened was 1973.

Just so you know the calm and the wonderful  islands of Hawaii in the United States were formed as a result of underwater volcanic eruptions in the Pacific Ocean. We have to thank the underwater volcanoes then, right?


Let us wait and watch to see if the new island is here forever.


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