Precious Sunshine

Precious sunshine

Sunshine shines Sunshine shines
Oh! look the dark cloud whines
Its rays are falling bright yellow
Making me so calm so mellow..

I am sure you all know that sun’s rays are super for us. But have you ever wondered why they are so cherished?

Sunshine helps us in many ways. When it falls on our body, it acts like  medicine and destroys certain fungi and bacteria that live on our skin. The sun rays also make our white blood cells healthy and active. White blood cells in our body primarily fight germs and  prevent us from falling sick. So you see sunshine actually strengthens our body’s army – our immune system.

Of all the vital vitamins that our body needs, sun’s rays are the only source of vitamin D, which is very, useful for our bones.

Our nervous system that send messages to our brain about what we feel, hear, smell, taste and also about how we move around. This system gets all charged up from the sunlight. No wonder most us feel happier on bright and sunny days than dark and cloudy ones.

So while, you must remember to hog five or ten minutes of sunshine every day, do not be too greedy. Excess sun bathing might not be a good idea as it can give you an itchy patchy sun burn!!


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