A Story about Tails!

A story of tails

Image Credit: Flickr User Savara, via CC

Have you guys ever wondered why there is a tail on animals? Is it a useful body part or is it just there for no reason? What is the tale behind it? The truth is that it is one of the most useful tools an animal has.

Squirrel tail

Image Credit: Flickr User Kurt Bauschardt, via CC

It is very interesting how a squirrel uses its tail as a parachute to  land safely if it falls from the tree. An alligator uses its powerful tail to fight off enemies. A fox uses its tail to keep warm. Animals like rabbit and kangaroo balance themselves with their tails as they jump.

The beaver uses its tail to sound a warning, to paddle and steer when it swims and to hold himself steady while cutting a tree with his teeth.

Some animals like cows have very little use for their tails and that is just to keep the flies away.

Can you guess what a monkey uses his tail for?

Hanging :)

What use does the Robin have for tail?

Flying :)


    • Like many creatures, the lion’s tail helps it to keep its balance.
      Also, how the tail moves, show the lions feelings. If the tail is swaying gently, it probably means that the lion is relaxed.

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