A Strange Day

( An imaginative story by 7 year old Rhea.)

A strange day

Image Credit: Flickr User Loimere, via CC

One day I woke up only to find out that I have become as tiny as an ant. Before I could understand what was happening around me, in seconds I turned into a honey bee.


First I turned into an ant and then a honey bee? Why was I changing forms?

Just then I saw some purple honey. My tummy was rumbling, I was hungry so I went to suck some sweet honey. As soon as I reached there, purple honey turned into a jelly trap. I got stuck in it. I huffed and puffed to get out of it.

Suddenly I spotted something lying on the ground. It was a MAGICAL DIAMOND!! Oh! So the diamond was turning the whole world upside down! I had turned into an ant and a honey bee because of that. Honey had turned into a jelly trap because of that!

I quickly gobbled up the jelly trap and freed myself. Then I picked uo the magical diamond and switched off its start button. Lo and Behold! Everything turned back to normal. I was a girl again. I put the diamond in a box and hid it somewhere forever.


  1. Very good!write many more creative articles like this!i wish you a very good luck for them!keep writing

  2. Nice story!! Great imagination!! Keep writing more stories and don’t forget it share them on Kinooze. All The Best!! ;)

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