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  • How Social Media Impacts our Well Being

    How Social Media Impacts our Well Being

    Most of us are addicted to social media. Either we are on Facebook or Instagram for more than an hour every day. We think that makes us happier, bringing us closer to the people we like or follow. However, the reality is not what it seems – according to recent research published in the Journal…

  • New method for the treatment of Alzheimer’s

    New method for the treatment of Alzheimer’s

    Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive disorder that results in wearing away of brain cells. Sadly, there is no cure for this disease. At least no one has found one yet. There is no way to reduce the extent of damage caused and there is no way to completely eradicate it, which is terrible considering the…

  • At the Beach

    At the Beach

    (Naisha, 10, writes a poem about the fun she had on her beach holiday) I went on a vacation on a beach one day I stayed there all night and day There were games and restaurants all around My head was spinning round and round I started by getting wet And throwing sand around I…

  • Ugh, Another Rodent

    Ugh, Another Rodent

    ( Fun facts about hamsters – by Esha our little researcher @6th grade ) Everyone thinks that hamsters are mice and are yucky and unhygienic. Just like rodents are. That’s not true. Yes, they are rodents, but they make good house pets. Let us get to know more about them. They belong to a subfamily called…

  • The Talking Pencils

    The Talking Pencils

    ( Krish, 8, spins a story about a boy and his friends who had found a box of talking pencils ) Once upon a time there was a boy called Aryan. He was obsessed with pencils. During his summer vacation Aryan bought a brand new box of pencils from his nearby store, it was called the…

  • A Cake Family

    A Cake Family

    (Raavee, 11, writes a beautiful poem about her family) My family is a cake, My dad, the base, is sturdy and strong, yet soft. My mom, the icing, covers everyone’s mistakes. My brother, the sauce, dirties yet decorates the cake. And me, the cherry on the top, I help finish everyone’s job. Isn’t describing my family a piece of cake!

  • Nature Is a Treasure

    Nature Is a Treasure

    (Sneha, 10, writes a poem to save our world) Nature is a treasure Which we can’t measure You just have to plant a tree It will be totally free You just have to be taught And then give it a thought If you plant a pine You’ll not have to pay a fine What a…

  • Fridge Magnets

    Fridge Magnets

    (Little writer Esha, 11, fancies the Fridge Magnets) Fridge magnets come from all over the globe, People bring them as souvenirs with a lot of hope. A mark of sweet memories of friendly faces, They come from different places. Different stories to be told And the secrets unfold. They come in myriad colors red blue and pink…

  • Fathers


    (Sneha, 10, writes a heartfelt poem about fathers) Fathers are good, the best, They’ve passed the sacrifice test. They help us in realizing our dreams, And treat us with biscuits with cream. They give us food to our fill, And also pay our phone bill. Fathers make big sacrifices for us, And we just make…

  • Hummingbirds


    (Esha, 11, pens a sweet poem about Humming birds)  Beautiful, elegant and very sweet, Their voice goes like tweet tweet tweet. Their nests are small, Because these birds are not very tall. The crest of their  tiny heads shine, Their babies when born usually whine. They are called hummingbirds as they hum, Their eggs are as small…

  • Bliss’s Adventure

    Bliss’s Adventure

    (Malika, 11, writes about a cute little tooth fairy out on her first job.) Once upon a time in fairyland, there was a little tooth fairy named Bliss. Bliss was very happy. Today was her first day to go tooth hunting. Soon, she soon reached the human world. She didn’t know where to start! She hunted…

  • Tigers


    (Ritam, 9, writes an informative article about tigers) Hi, there! If you have read my story: Jack and the Tigers (which is on Kinooze by the way), you would know that I like tigers. That is why I am… writing…a…report about them. WHERE DO THEY LIVE? Tigers live in Asia. If you want me to be clearer, tigers…